T.I. Sounds Off on Critics, ‘Ni**as in Paris’ Remix, & Putting ATL Back on Top

T.I. and Major

The King is back on the scene. Following his release from a halfway house earlier this week, T.I. stopped by Atlanta radio station V103 for his first interview since serving 10 months behind bars. With his son Major on his lap, he discussed the lessons he learned, new VH1 series and book, next album title, remixing Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris,” and the lack of Atlanta artists on the charts. He also had some strong words for his critics and turned red when speaking about the first thing he did when he came home, pleading the Fifth. Among the highlights…

On his new single “I’m Flexin’” featuring Big K.R.I.T.: “I kept my word. I went back to that foundation—I’m Serious, Trap Muzik. There’s more where that came from.”
On his upcoming VH1 series “T.I.’s Family Hustle”: “We have a documentary television show. Anything you associate my name with, it’s going to be eloquent and classy and ghetto at the same time.”
On what he learned from his latest experience: “I really don’t owe anyone any explanation and I had to grow to that point. I can’t live for ya’ll. If you have disagreements with the way I move or the way I operate, you’re entitled to it, but at the end of the day, I’ve got to live my life for my family and I’m going to do what’s best for them.”
On being sent back to prison after traveling to a halfway house in a tour bus: “They’re trying to keep me from being me. I could abide by the law and do everything that I’m supposed to do on paper, but there are certain things that I do that my life allows me to do, i.e. ride a bus from so and so to so and so, which is totally within the law but because someone says I disagree with it, then that puts me in a certain public perception. I’m gon’ be me, my life ain’t your life.”
On his critics: “People say, ‘Oh, he’s coming home and he has so much going on.’ Yes, because that’s my life. I have three parties because I have a lot of celebrating to do because I can and that’s my life. Ya’ll got to let me live, champ. I can’t live like you. I ain’t you. I don’t have a Honda Accord.”
On his next album title: “I’m still working on that title. There has been another title that has peeked my interest so I have two that I’m choosing from.”
On recording a remix to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris”: “The verse is in the can. G. took it to Paris ’cause ‘Ye is launching his female clothing line. He gon’ play it for him, and pending their approval that’s gon’ be done.”
On what’s missing from music: “I ain’t seen much Atlanta lately. I took direct offense at that. Right now I’m putting the city on my shoulders. It’s too heavy of a load for Ross and Drake and Wayne to be the only ones who represent hip-hop.”

OMG Girlz, T.I., and Tiny

T.I. backstage at the “Scream” tour kickoff with the OMG Girlz and his wife Tiny in Augusta, Ga. Photo by Mr. Sydney.

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    DAT.SH*T.CRAY Reply:

    @DAT.SH*T.CRAY, oh and welcome home T.I. :D


  2. Jamaican

    I love T.I. and all but he sounds a little arrogant in this interview. What does he really mean when he says, “I can’t live like you. I ain’t you. I don’t have a Honda Accord.”? This line made me shake my head cus i don’t know exactly what point he’s trying to prove here…


    CITY Reply:



    Humz Reply:

    @Jamaican, I think it was just in his anger about people judging him and criticising him due to jealousy of his status. I doubt he’s dissing people who aren’t as privileged as he is..
    And I’m not just tryna be on his side… I mean I’m not even a fan.. I’m just seeing it how it is.


  3. otis

    Best song of the year


  4. Ice

    He was sypathetic last time, and No Mercy wasn’t a good album. This time around, he doesn’t care what people think about him. It’s the arrogance that will make his music better this time around.


  5. BlackBarbie

    I love this interview. Yeah T.I., you don’t have to apologize. You ain’t regular so you ain’t gon live regular. It’s about time you owned that. Don’t be no Tracy Morgan. You hip hop son, so you gotsta keep it real and hard. Don’t let us regular folks break you cos we mad.


  6. Jay Whitney

    YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Good Hip Hop Is Making A Comeback!!!


  7. Yeah

    :) welcome back King


  8. Triniti

    The hair colors….I can’t.


  9. Sean

    how many times u think he masturbated while in prison?


  10. Mr Xclusive

    he is a good looking dude no homo


  11. Isis

    I don’t think anyone is hating on him. They’re just tired of him saying one thing and doing another. Less talk, more action! With that being said….bring on the music T.I.! Hip hop needs you! :)


  12. Junior in Jamaica

    Can he try and stay away from the bars now? SMH.

    These grown ass men doing simple sh*t over and over again.


  13. jessica

    i got to meet your baby girl…. she is sooo pretty.. when they was in mobile,al. they came to the waffle house .


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