New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Top of the World’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz is feeling generous. Mr. Steal Your Girl sings and raps about bringing the ‘hood to the “Top of the World” with him on one of the tracks that will appear on his hip-hop and R&B mixtapes #Lemmeholdatbeat2 and Anticipation II, due November 1. The R&B charmer rides out over a wailing guitar riff, as he spreads his ambitious message. Trigga previewed the song a couple weeks ago, but now you can hear it in its entirety.

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  1. thelonelyboner//tumblr




    Trey songs sit down!!!!!!!!!!!

    RAY JAY is the king of rnb. he be:

    1. breaking records
    2. winning grammys
    3. making millions
    4. touring the world to sold-out shows

    RAY JAY is the future and the TRUTH

    TREY SIT DOWN!!!!!!!


    ed Reply:

    @KING RAY JAY, -___________-


    PY72011 Reply:



    ninjaplz! Reply:

    @KING RAY JAY, this is possibly the dumbest statement in RnB history ever…!…lol


    Cakes Reply:

    @KING RAY JAY, you gotta be stopped. sit down.


    RicoSuave Reply:


    Ok “KING RAY JAy” when has ray jay ever broken reconds, sold millions,had sold out concerts, and recieved grammy’s…Yeah thats right NEVER keep dreaming bitch>


  3. @Slyboi

    LOL @KING RAY JAY. Woww….
    Anyway, this shit is nothing different.


  4. luvlife

    I like it. And it’s inspirational.


  5. LuvIt

    Dope ish!


  6. AAA

    This is my shit!!!


  7. KillBill

    If this song does good, he gonna put it on a album as a bonus song. What is up with R&B artists doing mixtapes so tacky. Chris did it, with dueces and no b.s.


    Face Reply:

    @KillBill, It’s the way these days.

    Fickle ppl need a sample and a half before they become semi interested. They will be the same ones to think said artist “lost it” or is “old,” so they release free material, or what would seem to be a million singles, to suffice the listener. Then when the real single and album is on the way, the listener is all ready content with the a good portion of the material and anticipation it’s release.

    Also mixtape songs, or free songs, that end up becoming successful will end up being put on the album these days b/c the listener who isn’t on the internet 24/7 like a huge portion of music consumers won’t know where to necessarily aquire the song; or won’t have time. This way, they buy the album and they get to have that hot song the artist had out that was all over the radio but wasn’t on iTunes. Win/Win.

    Just the way to go these days.


  8. Anon

    he sounds like the weeknd…


  9. theTroof

    @killbill trey been puttin out mixtapes waay b4 Breezy. He was the first hybrid rnb/rap artist to do it.


  10. ninjaplz!

    his picture looks like he taken a sh*t…lol


  11. kiwi

    Nice :)


  12. MissSolodolo

    Daaaayum!how come no one has mentioned how hot that pic is. Shirtless Songz!


  13. Dr.Music

    Treys voice is gay :S


  14. Brittany James

    yo u r soooo sexy i love ur music and i love ur body i wish i could married u


  15. Kayla

    I love it! He was so cute on UStream last night!


  16. pArallel-intersect

    randon message*alert i dont like this guy…no hating..he just rubs me the wrong way…he not for me


    Jenna Reply:

    @pArallel-intersect, Wait! U dont like him and u come here and commentin & sayin sum bullshit! Yo.. We dnt care, so why the fuck u postin a comment bout him? GTFOH -_-


  17. CITY



  18. latonya

    Stop trey just STOP for a sec. I do love his mixtapes not always every track but most. Please stop boastin trey already known as a confident dude so please get back to making love to me. I see the money , the cars, the cloths, even the hoes *mad Face* but just make love boi


  19. Miszi

    It’s real nice but was expecting more from him. None the less I think the mixtapes are gonna be hot.



    this song is gon be a classic….yeah


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