New Music: Kendrick Lamar – ‘Cloud 10’

Cloud 10

Kendrick Lamar is floating on “Cloud 10” on his latest release, a collaboration with Windows Phone and electronic producer Nosaj Thing. The 24-year-old Compton native effortlessly flows over the mellow track, which he instantly connected with.

“The song is about a female’s boyfriend or male friend going through the tribulations of being in the streets and being in love with her,” explained Kendrick. “I think it’s one of them stories that a lot of people can relate to because we be so fast to go out and chase the dollar, we forget about the ones that we love.”

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  1. LOL

    Kendrick :)


  2. Nicawhoelse

    This song is something new and im lovin the vibe from this of a kind


  3. Only1Official (Twitter)

    We need fresh new Hip Hop…West Coast Stand Up!!!


  4. Dave

    YESSS, WINDOWS PHONE! & imma listen to his work, this I heard of his music a while back on here.


  5. jp

    where can i cop the hat that kendrick is wearing?


    I just Can'tWithU Reply:

    Looks like Pendleton….


  6. I just Can'tWithU

    Luv him! Future of the West Coast…


  7. unplugged is the best in his class! these guys bring balance to the hiphop game. and another level of lyricism!


  8. Hugh

    Look out for Detox


  9. buddyreal

    yeah son!


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