Ciara and Kanye West Masquerade at Paris Fashion Week Party

Riccardo Tisci and Ciara

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but Ciara got an early start on the holiday by dressing up. The fashionista transformed into a sexy vampire for former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent Dinner held during Paris Fashion Week. She and Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci arrived as a creepy couple seeking the blood of their fashionable guests including Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Furstenberg, and Uma Thurman. Kanye West opted for a more subtle all-black look, wearing a blazer, leather pants, Jordans, and his signature shades.

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  1. Aye

    Who did Kanye West dress up as? Kanye West? Lol



    ciara n kanye are secretly dating


    lynn Reply:

    @RICHIE, i dont think that they are dating nope!


  3. jasper.c

    Ciara…as a Vampire…Dot Dot Dot…iluv Her



    Dumb question of the day: Is Cici promoting an album or her modeling career?

    I’ve just seen her everywhere and that’s usually when an artist is about to be in a movie or about to drop an album?

    School me please.


    uhuh Reply:, ciara is jobless right now. she has way too much free time


    richie Reply:

    @uhuh, ilove ciara a hell alot. look at riri on the grind thats what ciara should be doing


    Nico Reply:, Yeah – She’s jobless, but L.A Reid signed her skinny no singing ass.


    SMH@#UndercoverCiaraFans Reply:, Ciara is in the studio right now but she was in Paris for fashion week and while she was in Paris she did a photo shoot for French Vogue and pretty soon she will be doing another mini tour overseas in December but starting next year she will be promoting her fifth album & a movie that she is in with Adam Sandler but right now she is working, having fun and living her life while others is hating and judging her just by looking at a paparazzi picture


  5. CiCi

    …in Paris


    love ciara and kanye <3


  6. Truth

    @uhuh how is she jobless when performing and sittin front row and wearing designer clothes r jobs 4 gettin payed..again research on what artistist get paid 4..u obviously didn’t realize she’s made millions of a album that she knew wud tank n u can’t name me 1 artist who has shine more than Ciara with flop albums idk how ur pressed and she isn’ I still being made n I wish ppl wud stop sayin she shud be a model when she’s had a contract since 08 n look out 4 her french vogue issue(2nd issue @ that) n other photo shoots that took place over fashion week those r jobs


    LOVE4Bey Reply:

    @Truth, you ciara stans are still holding on tight I see…good she needs all the support!


    Boogie Reply:

    @Truth, Tell em! Ciara had a show and shot two magazine photo shoots while in Paris and looked fab while doing it.


  7. Boogie

    She looks great with that red lipstick. Can’t wait to see the Vogue photoshoot she did yesterday :)


  8. CiaraGotTheMoves

    Ciara is so beautiful. I cant say that enough


  9. lil john

    bum bitches fall off cici cause she’s coming for your favs wigs!!! #teamciara #5ontheway


  10. Calibuddd

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I luv that Cici is gonna be in Vogue & she’s not even trying 2 do the most. I luv me some Cici…
    She needs a banging Cd b-cuz her performing skills are CRAY.


  11. Antonio

    Isn’t Ciara getting ready to film a movie, wasn’t Ciara just signed to Epic Records by LA Reid, doesn’t Ciara have a photo shoot with French Vogue, isn’t Ciara about to go on a mini tour overseas in November and December, but she’s jobless. Ciara made more money off Basic Instinct only selling 120K in the US than everybody who’s hating on her will make in their lifetimes combined. Ciara’s been performing all over the world over the past year: China, South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and the US. Most of her venues were small, but were sold out. She’s getting just as much attention and recognition as artists who are selling 10x as much as her.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Antonio, I’ve never understood the hate against her.

    And not everybody can rock the red lipstick but she does and does it well! :)


  12. C94B

    Kanye West came to this party, and he really wanted to be in the spirit of it, so you might not see it at first sight, but take a look. He’s in fact dressed as the man who does not give a single f*ck about anything. How simple, how pure. Sober, elegant, quite Kanye-ist.


  13. RicardoX

    Does anybdy know which jordans are those whetat yr
    are they i must have them!!! Help plz btw @RicardoXRiyayo


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