Mary J. Blige Commands the Ballroom on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [Video]

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige reported for duty on Tuesday’s “Dancing With the Stars.” The R&B commander took the stage in a form-fitting dress to perform her classic “Real Love” accompanied by her band and two dancers. She changed and returned later in the show, donning a military coat and cap, as she soldiered through her new single “25/8.” MJB showed off some new moves with a troupe of male dancers while performing the lead single off her upcoming album My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I), due November 21.

“Real Love”



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  1. diego

    Yall dont sleep on Mary she here for them sales November 21st Mary gonna shut the game down sorry Rhi ri you can have all ya lil pop singles but going against the queen she gonna get shut down November 21st lets go!!!!!!!!!


  2. tmonroe

    I love mary with every ounce of my soul!! my dream is to be just as successful as she is with my music. I write, sing, perform. ugh god bless her. xo



    MONICA: New Life NOV.29TH!!!


    yooo Reply:

    @THE MALEZ, with all due respect to monica…shes never given a performance with THIS much energy. Mary is the queen!


  4. YasmineMee

    Who doesnt love Mary J Blige? She always comes correct especially in style. I love women like Mary J, LS Jones, Beyonce, and Nia Long….there’s never a moment where they dont look good.


  5. yooo

    Mary straight slayed this performance!


  6. Jess

    Mary is always Mary. I love her.


  7. Jane Doe

    R&B ICON. Nuff said. Love her. #25/8


  8. jurick

    Yes we so ready for my life2 #11/21


  9. breakdance


    [...] || Mary J. Blige Commands the Ballroom on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [Video][...]…

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