New Music: 50 Cent – ‘Shady Murder (Street King Energy Drink #9)’

Eminem and 50 Cent

“Ay yo Fif, I was thinking, you should go back and do the shit you used to do,” suggests Eminem on 50 Cent’s new freestyle “Shady Murder,” the ninth track in his Street King Energy series. The G-Unit leader follows his boss’ orders, launching lyrical assaults on his rivals. “Starting to feel like the old me,” says 50 over the clanging beat.

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  1. Hip Hop Fan

    Forget Yelawolf, Interscope release 50s album, Yela is whack anyway


    neisha Reply:

    @Hip Hop Fan, no the hell it aint


    Mike Reply:

    @Hip Hop Fan,Yelawolf>50


  2. Mr Xclusive

    the old 50 had Scott Storch making his beats, why doesnt 50 just hit him up? damn


    Drew Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, scott storch is a rabbi now


  3. shegotit

    oh snap!


  4. E.MY.EonFacebook

    fidy!! fidy!!! he back


  5. lois

    GGG-Unit 50 Cent goes hard on this, 50 has always been at his best when it comes to dope tracks and lyrics. Fif can’t wait for tha album to drop on these haters. #SK


  6. Yeah



  7. concerned listener

    R we all hearing the same thing?!?! This shit is trash


  8. nte

    50 cent sit your ass down!!!!!

    the following queens (yes queens not kings) are running the game. they are better than u in flow, lyricism, poetry, positive message in society, nobel prizes, grammys, hall of fame and star on hollywood walk of fame. sit down and let the followin rule:

    in order of accolades, respect and nobel prize for changing the hip hop game

    1. souljah girl…oh, i mean souljah boy
    2. bow down… I mean bow wow
    3. WACK-a flocka- flocking the naive and ignorant sheep.
    4. non-flow rida- a “rapper” with no flow at all

    50 cent SIT DOWN!!!!!!!


    shady Reply:

    @nte, i bet u a gayme or lil gayne fan, u just mad my boy 50 is back at his best…watch him shit on C4 and RED. not sales wise cos u knw how u kids dnt respect real hip hop. go listen to gudda gudda or somethin!


  9. Richard

    50 cent is king for ever’


  10. neisha

    i love u 50


  11. T

    50 dropped nutting but heat. Lovin the #SK series. Dropping nutting but heat. Also, I support his movement. Feeding people in Africa that’s a good look. GGGGGGGGGGG G-Unit.


  12. streetking



  13. lover

    Just wait till 50 drop his first single…..then ross going to run


  14. Thaeyecatcher

    @concerned listener, cudnt agree more!!!


  15. jay jacob

    god damn this is da shit mayne dis dis da shit mayne hahahaha lif a ni99a skirt up hahahaha he is the street king straight up real talk. Haters better back up stupid hard long live the SK



    Hip hop game aint dat 4givin mothaf***** u aint got no clue de fuck u tokn abt……..anybdy wth a big mouth nd less intellect will say shit im seeing hre


  17. Vanila

    he do look like usher lol. soulja boy and plies had the fusnneit parts he did them perfect, all i have to say about the Dream is LMAO and i think thats juvenile for real


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