Video: Melanie Fiona – ’4AM’

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona’s world turns upside down when her boyfriend goes out and doesn’t come back in the dramatic video for “4AM,” directed by Colin Tilley. While she’s cooking and getting done up for their date night, he’s out clubbing with his guy friends. But what may seem like a harmless boys’ night out turns dangerous when he is tempted by another woman, who slips something in his drink before luring him to the bedroom. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Melanie patiently waits at home for his return.

“4AM” is the second single from Melanie’s sophomore album The MF Life, due December 6.

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  1. ayot

    first post

    nice video and song but her new materials sound too different from her last album that had the retro sound. hoping this becomes a hit 4 her


  2. Destined

    Yass Mel! Loves it!


  3. allen J

    A hot video for a hot hit song GO MELANIE 12/6/11 THE MF LIFE


  4. Joe

    DECEMBER 6?! Why did they push it back AGAIN?

    Universal better stop playing around and make it STICK, or else Melanie oughta take herself INDEPENDENT.


  5. CITY



  6. Timi

    true music, love her voice!)


  7. Constience

    Luv it. I think that her & Drake should collab.


  8. TheDimplePuppet

    Yes Melanie! I love the concept & she’s just gorgeous as ever.


  9. Kyle

    Nice song & nice video. She looks really beautiful in it. I agree with the first post though regarding her music. “The Bridge” was an amazing album and I loved the retro sound to it and I just hope she kind of sticks to that. I was surprised when she said in a recent interview that she colloborated with Rico Love and The-Dream on her new album. I have a feeling her label is trying to market her as more of a mainstream artist. If that’s the case, her album will continue to get pushed back. Crossing my fingers that December 6th sticks!


  10. credits

    is that luke james playing the lead guy?


  11. joe franco

    i love this!!!


  12. cntknocktheHUSTLE

    hot vid… collin tilley did his thang


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