Diggy Simmons Vows to Never Curse on His Records

Diggy Simmons

Don’t expect to hear Diggy Simmons drop the F-bomb. Rev Run’s 16-year-old son is going against the grain and refraining from cursing in his music.

“When people hear me say certain types of things, they say, I wonder what Rev would think,” Diggy told 93.9 WKYS. “I wouldn’t say anything in the first place that would be shameful to my family anyway, but I am me at the end of the day.”

And staying true to himself means not using profanity, even though his peers may do so. “That’s not even me trying to be clean. I don’t need it, I don’t need to curse in my rhymes or in any of my songs,” explained a confident Diggy.

So far he’s made good on his word with his popular mixtapes and single “Copy Paste,” and sees no need to change. “Honestly, I haven’t really sat down and said, when I’m older I’m gonna curse or when I’m older, I’m not, but I don’t see myself cursing anytime soon,” he said. “I don’t think I should ever use it, honestly. I guess I’m making the decision now, I’m never gonna curse. There’s no point.”

Diggy’s vulgarity-free debut is tentatively due this December on Atlantic Records.

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  1. Yeah

    Does “nigga” counts? and this is a good thing :)


    Teenay Reply:

    @Yeah, He First Said: “I wouldn’t say anything in the first place that would be shameful to my family anyway” Then He Say’s: “but I am me at the end of the day.”

    If Your, You Why Are Caring About What Your Family Thinks? Little Contradiction There, Maybe?


    thatshitcray Reply:

    @Teenay, && if you read on it says he is staying true to himself by not cursing…READ maybe?


    MsSIMMONS Reply:

    @thatshitcray, What you said! R E A D people!


  2. uhuh

    My nigga, Diggy! *oops*


  3. Fan of a fan

    Aww good for him if he’s not gonna curse in his songs (:


  4. Yeah

    good boy


  5. uhuh

    on the real tho. he young Fresh Prince. his dad must be proud.


  6. Jon

    Good. It’s like these days people use curse words as filler. In music, movies, even regular conversations.

    Friend: Yo Jon! You seen that sh!t? It was like a f*ckin BIRD or some SH!T! SH!T was f*ckin crazy!

    Me: yeahh o_O

    It’s like a tick or something.


  7. pArallel-intersect

    F**k him..oops…


  8. randy

    it’s easy to curse. much respect to diggy for not following the crowd.


  9. Urban Alley

    I love this kid! He’s gonna be a great example ..


  10. JUDGE

    much props for standing up and standing out diggy.


  11. Stace Face

    Um sounds nice. Let’s see how long it lasts though


  12. pookie

    wow now i like him even more


  13. Triniti

    He’s adorable, and I respect him for this.


  14. cntknocktheHUSTLE

    he’s not gonna stick to that… give’em about 5 years when that teen image has faded


  15. Jarvis

    no cursing = no sales…..sad but true


  16. ....

    Yeah until hes 18…


  17. Kayla

    That’s good I’m proud of Diggy! I can’t wait to hear his album.


  18. luka

    what a little bitch.


  19. In Flex We Trust » Diggy Simmons Will Not Be Dropping Any F-Bombs In his Music!!!

    [...] RU [...]

  20. Nick

    Oh please. Lmao.


  21. Ratr

    Go go Digby! I like him a lot. I think this is how you do things, by carving a path for yourself.

    I don’t think cussing makes or break an artist, talent and well, hustling do, but for me if all an artist does is cussing then I consider they have an alternate motive and I don’t want any part in hearing it. Just a choice..

    I also feel there’s so many ways to be “edgy” or “hard”!..it’d be a bit a bit sad if cussing became synonymous with being hard..or even creative..


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Ratr, Agreed.


  22. From Tokyo

    Good. I hope he keeps to that. Better to be different than to be common.


  23. DRB

    Will Smith of rap. New and young artist really need to stop making promises they’ll later go back on.


  24. Brit

    he says nigga in that “just begun” song. either that one or copy paste. i like him either way as a role model for younger kids. good looks.



    I L O V E DIGGY and I applaud his effort and determination! (:


  26. Fan Of A Fan

    maybe if his dad wasn’t a reverend he would of cursed LOOOL


  27. kb

    that’s nice he wants to maintain that image, he might change, he might not but either way good for you diggy


  28. Jay Whitney

    Maybe never cuss again cuz he’s already cussed on a lot of his songs on the “Airborne” mixtape. I’ll probably listen to him regardless but im just sayin.


  29. @blogstodiefor

    I think that’s a very good idea especially for his fans that are his age or younger. Good image to put out. I bet his father is proud of him for that one. I can’t imagine why this would negatively affect his image/career. Go, Digg.


  30. ThatOneGuy

    Chamillionaire already did this and he didn’t get any praise like this.


  31. Veli

    Damn a lot of haters, good thing what the haters say will no penetrate. Much respect for diggy


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