Rap-Up TV: JoJo Talks About Remixing Drake and Being a Role Model

In Part 2 of our conversation with JoJo, the pop songstress shares why she decided to tone down her performance of “Marvin’s Room” while touring with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean.

“I think after the third show I stopped doing the explicit version of ‘Marvin’s Room’ because I was looking out into the audience and seeing these young girls, some of them as young as seven, eight years old,” JoJo tells Rap-Up TV. “I could not go back onto my bus and feel good about myself. I couldn’t look into the eyes of the mothers and say, ‘F— that new girl.’ I felt really bad.”

While you may catch her singing the explicit version at other gigs, JoJo felt a sense of responsibility to her younger audience. “I didn’t feel comfortable as a young woman and a role model to be doing that.”

The singer, who will release her third album Jumping Trains next year, was hesitant about remixing Drake’s song at first, and was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive reaction, even from Drake himself. “We had some communication and I know that he was receptive to it and said some really nice things about it, and that was so amazing for me to hear.”

Also find out why JoJo wants to refrain from releasing more remixes and what she’s currently listening to on her iPod.

Part 1: JoJo Talks Return to Music, Album Producers, and “Disaster” Video

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  1. Nahjee

    Damn jojo know she sexy cant wait for that album hope it come with a poster for tha men or something


  2. DRB

    They always regret pigeon holding themselves as a role model. Its a double edged sword that stifles you. She needs to look at where she instead of some of her fans being young. Do what you want and grow how you need to. I understand its a tour with a Jonas bro but in general.


    yooo Reply:

    @DRB, she is protecting her brand that shes worked hard for so many years. Bleeping out a few cuss words isn’t exactly holding back its being loyal to her young fan base. She said she would be raw during the club dates where there will be a mature audience and I can respect that.


  3. Egh okay

    I personally didn’t like her cussing in that song. I understand she needs to find new things to do with her music and wants to experiment. I don’t like others cussing in general, unless when I find it legibly funny, although I know it’s wrong.

    But, I’m still a huge fan of her! That is not changing anytime soon and I respect that she knows how to act when children are around.

    I’ve always respected Jojo!


  4. Egh okay

    I like the comment she made about her going through stages listening to music.!!

    I feel like I’m going through almost as many stages as I did when I was growing up, including music..

    I feel like I’m still growing up actually, except time goes so much faster.

    No shame in that..!


  5. -

    I’ve been a fan since 2004 and I dont mind her cussing. Like she said when its appropriate she will do the explict version and when its not appropriate she will take her responsiblity.


  6. brainfood.com

    I respect her for taking responsibility. Some artist just do them and don’t really care who’s watching.

    It’s nice to see a young woman taking responsibility for her mark that is shown to the public. We need more young ladies like this.

    That “Do Me,” attitude is killing communities one mind at a time. It’s alright to do “Do you” sometimes, but when what YOU are doing starts to affect such an impressionable artist like young ladies, it’s nice to see someone paying attention to what they are “DOIN’”

    Good job Jo-Jo! And thank you!





  8. z

    i look up to her because she’s a true role model for the youth!!


  9. Fabou

    Man she’s actin’ really grown & mature. Her choice of words reveals how strong and intelligent as a person she is. Keep up ur great work Jojo, just showin’ love & appreciation from Germany. Hope to see u there soon.


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