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Prince, Blanket, and Paris

Prince, Blanket, and Paris

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  1. Kevin Stevens

    I grew up wanting to be Michael Jackson today I am 52 (yes the same age as Michael) and to this day I never will regret wanting to be him, sing like him and have the freedom of turning a simple concert into a history making event. Today I would love to have just a 10th of his talent but alas I am ohly human and Michael was human but in a part of humanity that is so rare, so special that we regular humans bring him down to our level by telling stories about how he lives on Neverland Ranch. I miss and love you still Michael and I hope to one day help as many children as you have no matter what lies were told about you, I know in my heart you would have never ever hurt any child.
    To his children, Prince, Blanket and Paris, your father made music that changed my life in many ways, I am a simple man who by the grace of a higher power had the honor of seeing, hearing and feeling your fathers gift to us all “His Music” which he gave freely to all no matter what color, race or financial level, most super stars like Michael (he is in a class all by his self) dont give of themselves the way he did, the rooms in Neverland Ranch that were used to make a dying childs wishes come true, the rides, the zoo and let not forget the millions/billions of dollars Michael gave to most of the families. He used his music to influence change in some of the worst countries for adults and especially children no matter their color you can be sure that when there was a need Michael would step up with others and most times by himself but he would give from his sweet heart.

    Finally I wanted to thank his mother, father and his brothers and especially Janet your family has given this black man many good memories from a poor black child growing up in the South Bronx where food was hard to come by but one thing that I didnt have to buy is the music your family made and hopefully will continue to make.

    Mr. Michael Jackson I miss you and will never forget the love you showed the world in all your actions, no matter what some say I truly believe that our Higher Power wouldnt give all the beautiful gifts to anyone who would even think of doing what they implied Michael did,

    “God works in mysterous ways…So does the Devil”…

    Again Prince, Blanket & Paris, he might be gone in body but the most important part of your Father is always here his music, his love for you and all children and his God given ability to move a crowd of 400,000 people in a country that most dont speak or understand english but when Michael preformed he moved even the deaf. The concerts in Heaven must be wonderful if I am blessed enough I too shall see him again one day but until then I will and do love your father like he was a brother.

    God keep you children safe and happy and bless Mrs. Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson thank you for giving the world your children, may Heavenly Father look down upon your family and give you peace and love.

    Again, Michael “THANK YOU”

    Kevin S. Goudie
    Jacksonville, FL
    New York City


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