Lil Wayne Proclaims His Greatness, Remembers Steve Jobs

Lil Wayne gets deep during a 30-minute video he calls his “Public Service Announcement.” Weezy F. Baby reminisces on the life of Steve Jobs while pondering his own legacy.

“I don’t know a person that hasn’t been influenced in some sort of way by this man,” says Weezy of the late Apple co-founder. “We lost that man, and I think we lost him too soon, honestly a lot too soon ’cause I’m quite sure there’s a bunch of people who don’t know who I’m talking about. And that’s when you’ve lost someone too soon, when there’s people that don’t know the greatness of someone.”

He also wonders how people will remember him when he is gone. “I wonder if motherfu**ers really remember me for the innovator I am,” he continues while seated on a couch at his Miami mansion.

During his candid conversation, he shares that the syrup in his Styrofoam cup was Promethazine cough syrup prescribed by his doctor (“I don’t do this to be cool. I did this because I was sick”), strips down to reveal his tattoos, shows off his $1.8 million Bugatti (“I was the first African American rapper with a Bugatti”), and explains why he put out a rock album and got into skating.

“I just want you to know that I’m a very passionate man at whatever I do. I just want you to understand and ask yourself at all times, what’s the reason you’re doing or trying to do or saying you do what you do?” he asks.

A confident Weezy declares how his impact will be felt. “I’m making the world a better place. I’m making your son, your cousin, your niece, your nephew say, ‘I want a skateboard.’ I want to go outside and play.”

After he’s done getting philosophical, he plugs the new Young Money Discover card and upcoming albums from his Young Money-Cash Money family.

[Derick G.]

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  1. uhuh

    Anyone that comments negative about this video is a fucking retard. Please Die.


    CITY Reply:




    this nigga looks sick


  3. :)

    What on Earth is he talking about???


  4. stirr

    Wayne you haven’t been the same ever since Gillie The Kid stopped writing for you. Quite with the delusions…


  5. Richard

    Please now he thinks his at the same level,with steve jobs huh weezy u are becoming arrogant ok. Oh and u think people dont know about steve jobs? Dont underestimate peoples knowledge of things and deff u are not great there are millions of great people in the world who have a profound postive impact on society. At least 50 cent is trying to feed the hungry and u are talking about a bugati.


    Youdontknowmyname Reply:

    @Richard, I doubt you didn’t watchdc the 28min video. Wayne was contemplating his legacy i.e. how people will remember him. I see it as Wayne taking the opportunity to address people i.e. critics perception of him. Wayne doesn’t want to be remembered as only a “syrup”, “purple drank”, “lean” drinking rapper.
    In the video he talked about his versatility as in artist, which he how I think he wants to be remembered. He also dispelled rumors as to why he does the following things: tattooing, skateboarding, playing the guitar, and attempt to sing. Also, we learned he feels it’s ok to imitate your hero or favorite artist but just be clear on your own motivation because it has consequences.
    However, Wayne did stun just a little even though he said he proclaimed he wasn’t. If you watched, you know he talked about he isn’t prefect, his house isn’t perfect, Tupac’s influence on him, the Young Money Credit Card, Drake/Tyga/Shannell/Twist/Birdman cd’s dropping. That’s if you watched it.


  6. Triniti

    This guy is deluded AF. Making the world a better place, Wayne? When 90% of your music has the same theme–”bitches,” “bitch niggas,” weed, “Su Woop,” “haters” and “purple drank”?

    Perhaps if you make more music like “Tie My Hands” and “How To Love,” you’ll be making the world a better place. But now, all you’re doing is killing brain cells and corrupting the young and impressionable.


  7. Fan Of A Fan

    “I lost my mind. it’s somewhere out there stranded” <– yes we clearly saw that in this video lil wayne…


  8. Fan Of A Fan

    okay so this time i watched the whole video and he’s actually making sense. i get him now, and i kinda respect him a little bit more.
    but what does this have to do with Steve jobs :S


    Ice Reply:

    @Fan Of A Fan, lol, I completely agree. I honestly started to watch this because I expected Wayne to be drunk and rambling, but he made some good points. This video made my day.


    TDOT Reply:


    This gets overshadowed alotta times. Wayne’s a smart dude. His environment, the people who raised him, the drugs he chose to ingest…all play a part in who Lil Wayne has become. He doesn’t think like me & you, that’s for sure. That’s the reason he’s a more compelling figure then a Jay-Z or a Nas, to me at least.

    Coming from where he’s from, with his level of education & surrounded by his influences, there’s no way he should be where he is now.


  9. Ari

    I prefer Jayzs PSA….lol


  10. Vlad

    Anyone know what kind of Nike’s Wayne’s rockin?


  11. 187Josh187

    Some of the people didn’t even watch the whole interview. They just read the small article below the video or watched the first 10 minutes of it. I don’t really listen to lil wayne that much but after watching this video I’ve learned to respect him a lot more then before because he’s actually right in most of the things he’s talking about when it comes to heroes and who you look up too. I don’t know why people would hate when he’s just trying to speak his mind.


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  13. Be real

    LMAO he forgot bow wow


  14. kiwi

    Wayne what the hell are you talkin bout? 0_o


  15. Sega noni

    I lost mai mind! He said it


  16. Ronnie Ron

    Anybody dat found dis great or inspirational should be smacked lmao Wayne is an official retard. I like him doe. He makes me laugh. Alot.


  17. Hugh

    Lil wayne is so cool


  18. dumb F@#k lilwayne speaking

    Good Lord!just stop it already.u salty cuz a 40 yr old sumtin called u out for being soft and doin too much auto tune.(if u thought that D.O.A was jus for t-pain u r sadly mistaken!)!40 Glock punked u in LA.U got horrible reviews for doing the same thing u have been doin on the carter 4!ur metaphors are washed up yet u stillhave tons of time to turn it around and go ham!so do it already, cuz nig@#s cant stand u no more.ymcm is jus straight garbage


  19. Kalloway

    @Be real Don’t be quick to TRY and shit on people. He’s “CASH MONEY” aka not Wayne’s responsibility but definitely Birdmans. Makes sense why it ended up happening though


  20. Kash

    God bless him. He’s a genius <3


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