Joe Jonas

New Music: Joe Jonas – ‘Lighthouse’ (Written by Chris Brown)

Joe Jonas makes his way through the fog on “Lighthouse,” a chilling tale of love lost. The pop star crafts an edgier sound with help from Kevin McCall and Chris Brown, who co-wrote the eery tune and provides background vocals. The cut, which appears on his solo debut Fastlife (Oct. 11), is served over a cold and clanging beat courtesy of Hit-Boy (“Ni**as in Paris”). Bundle up.

  • rihannastan!

    1st,yahz joe!your sexy ass

  • young king breezy

    chris brown love you

  • tired



    • 100% true

      @tired, em… fail? what failed? who is fist brown?…..

      Anyways, that song is epic, Breezy did a great job the 2nd time…..

    • annie

      @tired, I wish he’d punch your lights out though. No one would care if you left this earth. And Chris would win awards for finishing you off!

  • JoJo

    This is why he’s album is the ish!

    I think Chris Brown is magical, everything he touches is amazing!

  • young king breezy

    Great song ..

  • young king breezy

    Great song

  • young king breezy


  • annie

    I think Breezy wrote this one himself. Not with McCall.

    • Mr Xclusive

      @annie, naw, kevin writes most of chris’s stuff lol

      • whoadere

        @Mr Xclusive, no he doesn’t LOL. Have you ever seen them write together? I take it you haven’t since you made that statement. Kevin does NOT write the majority of Brown’s songs. Trust me.

      • 100% true

        @Mr Xclusive, :Chris Brown is a certified writer since b4 he wrote disturbia for RiRi. Kmac only came in the picture recently & he was credited for 2 of the songs on FAME, which Chris wrote the majority of.

        • Ronnie Ron

          @100% true, Chris brown has a writing team, most writers have writing teams

        • SUPA

          @100% true, he cowrote disturbia

    • blessed

      @annie, the post clearly says CO WRITE


  • annie

    No Chris is a song writer. Plenty of producers have said in interviews how much he has grown as an artist and how he writes a lot of his own stuff.

    Don’t LOL me, you hater. He does write. And Joe Jonas said in an interview recently that Chris wrote that song with him in mind.

    BTW, Kevin, Seven and Chris Brown are in a writing team together. Look at you pretending Chris can’t write. What’s next, he can’t dance? He isn’t black.

    haters like you can kick rocks.

  • Brixonne

    its nice I like it.

  • fe

    the only songs that are good on his album are the ones that chris brown worked on and pushed him to sing! jus in love could have been a better song but the motivation wasn’t in the song at all….

    • Sienna

      @fe, Chris wrote this song but was not in the studio when Joe recorded his vocals. So I don’t get how he “pushed him to sing”, and there are some other really good songs on Joes cd not just the ones CB was involved in. He has some good Danja produced songs. Dang give the guy a chance, he ain’t tryna hurt nobody.

      • paRANOid

        @Sienna, That was on Joe’s first single, See No More. The producer did an interview about his experience in the studio with them, them being Joe and Chris, and stated that Chris really pushed him while he was in the booth recording.

        • Sienna

          @paRANOid, Yeah Chris was in the Studio for See No More. Even Joe talked about that, and Chris pushing. But he wasn’t in the studio for the recording of this song. Chris and Joe only spent like the equivelent of 1 day in the studio together.

  • BJ

    not feelin this one, or anything i’ve heard from this dude

  • Desi

    I like it. It’s Chris Brown’s style, but Joe took it and made it his own. He’s far more talented than he gets credit for. I hope people get over his Disney past and that purity ring BS (both of which are firmly left in his past) and see him for the serious artist that he is. He put a lot of time and a lot of heart into this, working with only the best producers and co-writers. It is a great album.

  • Ethan

    I really like this, smooth and calm, great beat, hitboy is a dope producer.

    this is a chris brown type of song so obviously he wrote most of it. nice, really cool

  • rnb

    chris brown is the best artsit of the moment

    this song is a typical chris brown atmosphere

  • Angie

    Joe’s vocals sound exactly like Chris Brown on this song. A little too much, perhaps. At times, I didn’t even know who was singing; they sound so similar.

  • WonderLand19

    On first listen i didnt see why everyone hyped it up. All i heard was Chris’s ablibs.BUT after the second listen iam hooked!. Iam actually listening to it now. So calm and emotional. Love the beat and he’s voice is stunning on this. Iam lovin the direction Joe has chosen for this record. Grown and sexy! without being vulgar and unbelievable.
    Chris, continue to expand and grow your talents because it working. Chris and K-Mac make a good team.
    See no more and Lighthouse are both stunning songs. I think i will listen to the rest of Joe’s album. Plus, I love how Joes stans for chris in interviews :)
    BEAUTIFUL!!! The fact that you got me to come out of my J.Cole obsession is amazing. (I’ve been listening to J.Cole’s album for like 14 days straight. AMAZING ALBUM)