Ciara and Serena Williams: Girls’ Night Out in Beverly Hills

Ciara and Serena Williams

Fresh from Paris Fashion Week, Ciara caught up with one of her BFFs Serena Williams for dinner on Sunday night. The tennis star was not in the mood to be photographed by the paparazzi as she and CiCi made their way out of a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Serena covered her face while Ciara didn’t seem to mind, laughing as photographers snapped away. She handed the valet a generous tip before jumping in her ride and peeling away.

Music executive and “X Factor” judge L.A. Reid confirmed reports that Ciara would soon be reuniting with him at Epic Records. “Ciara will be officially #EPIC very soon! Thats my girl!” he told his Twitter followers. Reid signed a young Ciara to LaFace Records in 2003 and was instrumental in her early success.

Ciara and Serena Williams Ciara Ciara

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  1. Joe

    Epic? Still Sony Music Group…aka Backburner City.

    She shoulda gone DEF JAM…


  2. BigSean&CiaraFan

    I’m so excited about Epic, its a good look.

    But was she drunk?


  3. lolsmileyface

    Is Serena still with Drake?


    WaleisDope Reply:

    Never really dated.


  4. sangria

    she got that tina turner body: muscles n all


  5. Dave

    I love their friendship & I’m so happy & proud of Ciara.


  6. An0thrNight272

    Im so Excited for ciara!!!!

    L.A. is gonna make her #epic!!!! heres to buying another Ciara album!!!


  7. FrANK

    LA Reid the same dude who spent millions signing Shyne?


  8. omar dyer

    They look like they’re drunk. But I love them both especially ciara, she is truly amazing and am really happy for her being signed to epic records. #SHOUTOUT to @ciara from @mekolucario23 and guys please #FOLLOW my princess ciara and me as well.


  9. Triniti

    They both look like hell.


  10. Kyle

    Glad she is making moves with her music career. Always have and always will support Ciara!


  11. boring

    Yuk she needs make up in that last picture.


    Haters Stay Pressed! Reply:

    @boring, She needs make up on at all times! Ciara is not that cute at all.


  12. nice_gurl

    haha those facial expressions. She looks good and it’s so great that she got signed to Epic Records.


    SMH@#UndercoverCiaraFans Reply:

    @nice_gurl, Lol they both look wasted like why is Serena covering up her face lol they looked like the had a great time


  13. torpedo

    Ciara is a cutie 4 sure..


  14. joyce

    I love love love every song ciara ever made. All 4 of her CDs are amazing.


  15. ri

    that damn serena williams is built like a line backer I’d hate to have her kick me i love her tho she’s so girly but she is solid like a MF…


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