New Music: 50 Cent – ‘50’s My Favorite’

50's My Favorite

You are now being hypnotized by the sounds of 50 Cent. The hip-hop powerhouse makes you believe he’s your favorite rapper on the ego-boosting “50’s My Favorite,” track #11 in his Street King Energy series. Curtis quotes Lupe Fiasco (“Kick, push, kick, push”), shares aspirations of getting super rich like Facebook and Spotify, and challenges his rivals (“Stick your head out there, I chop it off”) over the twinkling beat.

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  1. willam

    this track is dope


  2. James

    Make sure ya go check out kreayshawn website (fall tour 2011!!! She will be in palms resort @ rain night club Las vagas, on october 14!!! Come thru & say hi


    Nahjee Reply:

    @James, wow you are really supporting her I can tell you & her are really close but I wish lady gaga would just come get her twin sister out tha rap game cus I’m getting tired of U & kreay


    Kreaygang Reply:

    @Nahjee, Shut up you!!! Oh James Im going to be there I got VIP me and my sister it’s going to be a ball.. White girl mob is going to be mobbin in Las vagas October 14!!! Are you going to be there??????


    James Reply:

    @Kreaygang, of course Im going to be there that’s my homie.. im VIP to so me & you are going to be mobbin together… I’m going to get that number to white girl mob for life


  3. ESCO

    it’s not great, but you can see he’s releasing it because he simply feels like it. i wish more of my fav artists would do that.

    its fascinating watching him right now. he’s making small steps and releasing some material just for the heck of it and some dope material (like that sk#8) and he clearly knows people are anticipating songs form his album….he’s a very smart guy, he definitely knows how this is being perceived by the public.


  4. thereal

    Yes track! fiff is real, u’re talking shit esco


  5. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    50 cent needs to go sit somewhere and work on his business….He is obviously better at business


  6. Nahjee

    What tha Fu*k is white girl mob doing on a 50 cent post take ya asses to vagas already and party it up like drunk white girls & boys do! And leave teamminaj along


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Nahjee, And how exactly is nicki minaj relevant…
    You’re contradicting yourself just stop posting.


  7. Skyislimit

    This track is dope, 50 is 50 and will keep going hard no matter what.I’m feeling this track.



    100 is my favorite


  9. The Truth

    50 is the best


  10. for the beyonce stans

    he’s better than jay z


  11. T

    I love dis track man. Dis shit is fuckin nice. 50 goin hard. “SK, I GOT NOTHING BUT ENERGY” – 50 CENT SK#8 GGGGGGGGGGGGGG G-UNIT


  12. Hugh

    This is fkn awesome.
    Fifty is so good right now.

    His new LP will OWN RED & C4!


  13. Richard

    50 is still king in this b@@@h


  14. lois

    GGG-Unit 4Ever, 50 killing them #SK tracks, shit goes hard.


  15. nice_gurl

    I like this song.


  16. lover

    If I were 50 cent I will bring out a single now that ross two single are flopping on itunes



    Hot joint right here man- Keep coming 50


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