Trey Songz Heats Up the Bedroom in Racy Rocawear Campaign [Video]

Trey Songz

Trey Songz indulges in a night of passion and pleasure in the provocative teaser for Rocawear’s new cologne Evolution. A shirtless Trey licks his lips as a pretty young thing undresses before his eyes. They hit the sheets for some steamy lovemaking, but you’ll have to wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Middlefinger

    I bELIEVE dis guy gat HIV no lie he a sex addict


  3. dee

    Treycie is the #1 power bottom bitch,queen cunt!


    stirr Reply:

    @dee, Hate to say it but I have to agree with you. Those are the vibes I get as well….


  4. BigSean&CiaraFan

    Can you say banned from daytime TV?


  5. Haters Stay Pressed!

    It was a bit much…but I liked it! Trey is sexy…..


  6. malikMJdope

    the vibe was dope for a cologne commercial id buy it


  7. Tierra

    Sorry I just still get gay vibes from him..


  8. RiRi Ft Cici♥

    i think trey is gay !


  9. WaleisDope

    Typical Trey behavior. He’s sexy, but we already know that.
    Not even a wow factor in it anymore. Still like & buy his music. I hope this next one have even more depth.


  10. Brittany James

    u is madd sexy i love all ur songz u have a nice body


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