Video: Nas – ‘Nasty’


Nas is back! The hip-hop icon returns to his roots in a Rolls-Royce with two fine females in the video for “Nasty,” the first single off his upcoming 10th studio album, due later this fall. In the Jason Goldwatch-directed clip, Nas revisits the Queensbridge projects in New York City where he grew up, kicking it on the block with the neighborhood kids and dusting off the mic. Despite his riches, he’s still the same ol’ Nas.

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    Joyce Reply:

    @GOD DAMN, Best video ever


    B dream Reply:

    @Joyce, oh yeah


  2. Yeah4Lu

    naaaaaaaasty ewwwww luv it


  3. Joe

    “upcoming 10th studio album?”

    So it’s not called “Life is Good” anymore? Rap-Up, I’mma need some clarification.


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  5. AAA

    Am I the only one that think them chicks look like men


  6. Coleworld

    This is real hip hop. Nas is one of the greatest. Cool video.


  7. BLAZE

    Damn! Nasty is right he went in man Im loving this shit


  8. Khanye

    ”I’m no fake rap CD listener, Sit back & roll a mean Swisher, For my Gs, tell these clowns make room for the king, n***a”-NaS….Kill DEM NaS


  9. RED Nation

    Mr. Nasir jones a LEGEND man.


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  11. outlaw420

    nasty nas one of the GREATS of all time


  12. TRA

    Nas is a hip hop legend, I’m glad to see Nas still making great music, fuck mainstream music, artists like Nas keeps real music alive.


  13. buddyreal

    boss s***!


  14. joe franco



  15. H-Town

    Ready for the album!!! One Mic finish at the end, likin’ that


  16. juAn



  17. Paris

    quelqu’un pourrait traduire en francais ? j’adore Nas


  18. it was written



  19. kittenbitz

    luv this damn video from start to finish. luv this man for eternity plus some.


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