New Music: Machine Gun Kelly – ‘STFU’

Machine Gun Kelly

After impressing viewers with his BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, Machine Gun Kelly fires off more music from his upcoming RagePack mixtape. On “STFU (Shut the Fuck Up),” the Bad Boy signee rages over a sample of The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat,” lashing out at fake fans, groupies, and online haters. “Only person even worthy of dissing me on the come up is my damn self,” he proclaims. You heard the man.

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  1. Yeah4Lu

    ……..I guess, it will have to grow on me


  2. Nahjee

    I have more respect for yelawolf then him;) yelawolf is on are side he doesn’t like what that v nasty chick is saying & doing either.. He said she needs to show some respect


  3. Latonya

    After hearing him on the hiphopawards, Machine gun kelly is gonna be blasting thru my earphones for a long time, every artist goes thru the time where they be talking about their fans, some who are fake and you know if the artist doesnt’ make a mainstream party single, they stop supporting em or whatever. Once he gets a solid fanbase all dat talk will cease.


  4. RDK

    ok this seems like a grower.


  5. Royce da 5'9

    this song/artist too cheesy for me


  6. okay

    He got skills. Just that, I am not feeling the rock sound


  7. Florida lawmaker wants to bring back firing squads

    Lol. Interesting title. Love his edge.


  8. B.o.B.a

    don’t what about me,but I don’t like his voice at all…track is good


  9. PY72011

    Hes got so much potential put this is just awful…


  10. Royaleeeee

    He has flows but hes trying to sound too much like Eminem! Thats why iHave more respect for Yelawolf, he’s a white rapper but never tries 2 imitate Em.


  11. AmbeRussell

    just bc ppl dont like u, that doesnt make them a hater. but do all rappers feel like they gotta make a song like this? soulaj boy yah yah n em made a few like this. like y ya so mad at fans asking to be with u? like they the ppl that made u who u r n get ya money. n u make them want to be around u so be happy, like damn. y u so mad? be happy ppl carring about u n wanna be on stage wit ya bc they wouldnt have a stage to perform on. but y he so mad. aint he grow up in the subs of ohio?
    check out my youtube channel, amberussell


  12. Mr Xclusive

    what a fag


  13. jimscreechie

    No thanks.


  14. Fan Of A Fan

    I like it :D


  15. WonderLand19

    I like it.Its a mixtape song.


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