Rick Ross Recovering After Seizure

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is recovering after losing consciousness on a flight today from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis.

Paramedics rushed to the scene after a plane carrying the Miami rapper made an emergency landing, reports TMZ. Ross reportedly suffered a seizure immediately after take-off. Members of his team alerted the flight crew and an on-board doctor performed CPR.

Once on the ground, he was wheeled off the plane and CPR was administered by paramedics. He is now doing fine and is currently under supervision.

His Maybach Music affiliates confirmed that Rozay is conscious and breathing. “I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok…@tmz #dontpanic #dontpanic #mmg !!!! #gfid dec 13th!” tweeted Wale, while Meek Mill added, “yo @rickyrozay is straight!!”

Ross, who was on his way to the opening of one of his Wingstop franchises, returned to Twitter not long after the incident to write, “@ElliottWilson never dat homie..we outchea #mmg powercirle!!!!”


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  1. youMADstayMAD

    dang, praying for Ross!!!!


  2. Yeah4Lu



  3. Dboy

    Dmn… wake up Bawse!!


  4. Sara VanDenElsen

    that’s not good if they’re doing CPR….Eeek. pray for him


  5. Pray for tha homie Rozay

    TMZ update, signs of life:

    A witness tells TMZ, Rick fell unconscious right after take-off.

    We’re told his entourage jumped out of their seats to alert plane personnel — at which point a doctor on board administered CPR on the rapper.

    The plane made an emergency landing right away — and we’re told, as Rick was being wheeled off the aircraft, he appeared to show signs of life.


  6. sharon Hayes Richardson



  7. Technocom

    TMZ Update:

    Wale and a friend just mentioned that rick ross is 100% okay. Lets hope this is the case.


  8. Kayla

    Well that’s good that he’s ok. I’ll still be praying for him. Keep your head up Rick!


  9. Boss

    get well soon Rozay the industry needs you..prayin fr ya!


  10. RDK

    thank god he is ok.


  11. Ice

    Seizures run in my family, so I know how severe this is. I’m praying for you Ross, God bless.


  12. stirr

    Funny how during this “incident” they were PROMOTING wale.
    And how can Wale tweet “I just talked to him he’s 100% fine” if homeboy just had a damn SEIZURE and was unconscious?

    uhhh…yeaahhhh……… -_-


    Latonya Reply:

    @stirr, Some seizures don’t last that long. The seizure was reported at 12:55 they immediately got him treatment and about 35 minutes late. wale said he was fine. He wasn’t being disrespectful. He’s MMG he’d never do dat.


  13. huh

    TMZ don’t miss nothing! Money can’t buy health. Get Well


    paris nigga Reply:

    @huh, two words MAJIC JOHNSON


  14. @Slyboi

    Lawd, God is watching Rozayy.


    okay Reply:

    @@Slyboi, GOD DON’T care if he live or die!


  15. omg




    My coworker brought her clothes to work, all excited about seeing him tonight… iHope he makes a speedy recovery!!

    Maybe it’s weight related?


  17. kellon

    baws for life


  18. deadlyxxc

    Mite wanna change that album title now huh…


  19. Ricardo

    God forgives and u don’t that’s not good.


    huh Reply:

    @Ricardo, STFU even if he does forgive, it don’t prevent health issues


  20. trippen67

    the truth is he way overweight and is a regular smoker so i mean this was just round the corner right? im a fan of rick ross hope the man gets well!


    guess what Reply:



  21. Rick Ross Suffers Scary Seizure on Plane, Said to Be “100 Percent OK” | Inter News Daily - Daily News Magazine

    [...] had been flying to one of his Wingstop restaurants when he lost consciousness and the crew was reportedly very [...]

  22. Frank

    god forgave him. BAWSE!


  23. JAsoldier

    nigga be smoking to much weeed glad he ok tho


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