Keyshia Cole Celebrates 30th Birthday with ’80s-Themed Party

Kevin Liles, Keyshia Cole, and Daniel Gibson

Keyshia Cole went back in time to celebrate her 30th birthday. Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson threw his wife an ’80s-themed bash at Tavo Martini Loft in Cleveland, Ohio, over the weekend. The newlyweds partied with guests including Keyshia’s new manager Kevin Liles and “Just a Friend” rapper Biz Markie. The birthday girl paid homage to pop icon Madonna with her custom-made outfit, while her hubbie sported a red adidas tracksuit and dookie rope chain. He later surprised her with a diamond necklace made of hearts.

“[Daniel] threw me the best birthday weekend celebration EVER! I had sooo much fun. Way to much fun!” tweeted Keyshia, who is readying her new album Woman to Woman for a February/March release.

Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole

Biz Markie and Daniel Gibson

Diamond Necklace

[Photos via Jay Fogle/]

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  1. ChrisHampton

    Keyshia is so nice & talented I LOVE HER can’t wait for the new album


  2. stirr

    ………………. :/


  3. AAA

    She’s 30?


  4. zzzzzzzzzzz

    Will the real keyshia cole plss stand up.


  5. MaZ

    Nice couple.



    i love them together!


  7. Merline Stevens

    I can’t wait for the Women to Women album.
    Keyshia has grow so much. As a person.
    Her journey is so inspiring.
    I can’t wait to see what she has in store, for the fourth album.


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