New Music: Bridget Kelly – ‘Seek & Destroy’

Bridget Kelly

Save the games. Bridget Kelly is not playing on “Seek & Destroy,” her bold new record penned by The-Dream and produced by Shea Taylor. “You better not fuck this up/ Don’t make my heart a seek and destroy,” the Roc Nation songstress warns a lover over the drum-patterned beat. Her debut EP Every Girl will be available as a free download on October 19.

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  1. Coleworld

    I like it.


  2. Lashae

    haha i like this!


  3. MaRyan Carey

    Ehhh… she wont make it. doesnt stand out in 2011 (or any year).
    The hook is weak.


  4. dclr

    she’s like a downgraded keri hilson. she won’t even get the couple years of fame that keri did. smh.


  5. Ice

    The-Dream >>>


  6. nuny

    Wats up with every female and bangs.


  7. Kenny

    She sounds like Kelly Rowland.


  8. A.Dre

    …ehhhh? Idk bout this it was too vulgar for my taste.


    youdontneedtoknow Reply:

    @A.Dre, I agree!!!


  9. dave

    its really cheap,she has better songs maybe cause its from the dream who knows


  10. youdontneedtoknow

    I dont need that song in my life #Next :)


  11. ed

    wayyy too repetitive… just not good.


  12. Unknown

    Kinda feeling this song prob because i really like Bridget Kelly and I wanna hear more from her


  13. victor

    Why so vulgar???come on Bridget..Ill overlook it this time because thats the dreams fault.. To me dat vulgarity is a sign of insecurity,which she doesnt need..Only the talent, of which iv got no doubt she has..


  14. Songstress

    I actually like the lyrics and her raspy voice. I’ve never listened to her before so I guess I will be downloading the mixtape to hear what she’s all about.


  15. Hugh


    Like the swearing.
    Jessie J on steroids


  16. sabrina

    I don’t like this song but I will be supporting her.


  17. MusicFan2011

    I am actually slightly dissapointed. However, I realize it’s because of The-Dream. I can’t stand that man. Sorry. Bridget Kelly is entirely too talented to work w/ the likes of him and even Shea Taylor. Regardless, I will be supporting her because she is mad talented & I see big things for her. But plz dont sell out baby girl. All the vulgar language is cool if thats you BUT this song makes her come off as trying to hard to achieve something shes not. Hope her EP delievers some great tracks (besides Thinking about Forever). Xo


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