New Music: Justin Bieber – ‘Mistletoe’


Christmas comes early for Justin Bieber fans. The teen idol unwraps the first single from his upcoming holiday album Under the Mistletoe. Instead of spending time with his family and playing in the snow, the Biebs dreams about kissing his “shawty” under the mistletoe.

“I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday/ But I can’t stop staring at your face/ I should be playing in the winter snow/ But I’ma be under the mistletoe,” he croons on the reggae-flavored tune produced by The Messengers.

The album, due November 1, features collaborations with Usher, Busta Rhymes, Boyz II Men, and Mariah Carey on a duet of her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Get a jump start on the season by listening below.

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  1. smh



    KingdomCum23 Reply:

    @smh, Dont Forget We Have To Be Force To Like THis Buy THe Time CHristmas COmes Around.


    billy Reply:

    @smh, artists do this all the time.


  2. Matt

    Mariah released OH Santa on October, 11th last year so….


  3. dorsamz

    i’m defo not a hater, but like, this sounds so average.
    like, an average album filler.
    and the lines are meant to be corny, it’s a holiday song, but i find this so underwhelming.
    he’s going for the chill laid back vibe, but i’m not liking it.


  4. Leila

    ILOVEJUSTIN <3 and i love this song. sorry i felt the need to say it.


  5. Lashae

    Nothing new here. Sounds like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” mixed with a generic Bruno Mars song. No thanks.


  6. Replay

    What a CRAP, sorry to say this…


  7. ed

    thought this was called RAP-UP but ok


  8. Orlando

    this lil boy will fall off in like 5 to 10 years
    yeah are u guys (Rap-Up) puttin his crap on here we dnt care bout this by0tch assnesz lil nig9a


    BKLYN Reply:

    @Orlando, you obviously do care. that’s why you took the time to comment.

    make something with your life instead of hating on others’ success.


    smh Reply:

    @Orlando, Aren’t u the same person telling people not to hate on beyonce? take your own advice. you’re full of hate.


  9. Mr Nice Watch

    Sounds like a fake Bruno


  10. Ice

    I like it. 0_0


  11. Marcus D

    He sorta sounds like Chris Brown, I wonder if that’s on purpose, It sounds as if Chris was doing background vocals. Well as for the song maybe I need more time to get used to it.


    Marcus D Reply:

    @Marcus D, After reading some of the comments and listening again this does remind me of a recycled Bruno Mars song


  12. kisa



  13. kisa

    i hate this girl when her album comes out she permote it every single day it’s soo annoying


  14. kisa

    i love bruno mars this bitch’s trying to copy hem


  15. DrakeTakeCare



  16. theTruth

    This Dustpin Bieber song is a lame rip-off of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. I don’t get the hype about this kid.


  17. vik

    i’m sure he’ll still make a million off this album even if it sounds average. lol


  18. Tamar

    he’ll still make a mill with this songs with all them white girls screaming every time they hear his name like…


  19. cool

    its nice. i like it


  20. Ehhh

    Wow y’all some haters for real. It’s a X-Mas song!! I remember when last year ppl said “by next year, no one would like him.” You just worry about supporting the people you like and let him and his fans do whatever. And if it’s the production and the lyrics you got a problem with, talk to The Messengers, they wrote AND produced it. My God lay off the kid!


  21. Hugh

    Its Ok

    Its smashing on itunes right now.
    Probably debut #1 on the Hot100 next week.

    Bet it burns out quick though


  22. Seriously

    I actually like this song. He sounds more mature now. Getting hits off the ying yang because of course its justin bieber. this boy is cool , i guess. nah, but im not hatin’ coming out with a christmas song in october is genius. he knows exactly what he’s doing.


  23. mistwalker

    song has a brouno mars vibe to it hot i like it


  24. latonya

    It has bruno mars vibe but i think justin would take that as a compliment if we said that. This doesn’t fill me with the christmas spirit or cheer. Its just, like, another justin song, a slow justin bieber song. I’ll pass.


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