Eminem and Lil Wayne Cover GQ’s Music Issue

Eminem, Keith Richards, and Lil Wayne

Hip-hop icons meet rock royalty in GQ‘s November issue. Eminem and Lil Wayne share the cover of the men’s magazine with Rolling Stones member Keith Richards.

The men were honored as “gods of rock” in a special package called “The Survivors.” The photo portfolio pays tribute to the greatest living music masters and was shot by famed photographer Mark Seliger.

Through trials and tribulations, these superstars have persevered and for this they’ve been recognized by GQ. OutKast’s André 3000 and Big Boi, Erykah Badu, and Raekwon are among the 46 artists featured in the magazine.

The issue is available October 25 at newsstands nationwide.

Photo credit: Mark Seliger/GQ

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  1. MajkPoland



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  3. Yeah4Lu



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  5. Dre

    Em is def. a genius and one of the gods of rap, but what does he have to do with rock? And Lil wayne shouldn’t even be called a genius.


    RDK Reply:

    @Dre,you have no idea what you are talking about do you,there are 3 mega stars in that video and pic,and they are up there for a reason,so don;t be shading any of them.


    Dre Reply:

    @RDK, just because they are up there doesn’t mean I have to agree. You may think wayne is a genius, I don’t. It’s my opinion.


  6. nikkinikki

    So i guess Andre, Big Boi , and Erykah weren’t available for the cover – WTFE!


  7. vibe

    wayne and em 2 of d best hands down


    Royce da 5'9 Reply:

    @vibe, Hell No Just Em.!!! not lil wayne and is yukmouth!!


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @Royce da 5’9, Wayne outselling em now adays so u crazy! Wayne is the hottest rapper and runs the hottest rap label so he deserves the cover more than anyone. Besides let’s be real, Wayne on the cover equals money!


    CJ Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, Wayne outselling Em how?? Because he had a bigger first week?? lol Eminem sold over 4 million copies of Recovery in the US alone and 6 mil worldwide. I doubt that Carter 4 is gonna sustain that kind of momentum seeing how big of a disapointment the album was quality wise. Overall sales>>>>>>>>>>>>>first week sales


    Dre Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, Carter 4 only sold more first week. Wayne’s album is now out for 6 weeks and has only sold around the 1.5 mill. Recovery sold more then that in the first 6 weeks. So tell me how wayne is outselling em??



    LOL sinCe when was Wayne “ROCK” hahaha, Weezy how much did your daddy pay for you to be in the front cover of GQ??!





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  11. kisa



  12. kisa



  13. Charlie

    How the hell is Keith Richards still alive


  14. Hugh

    Eminem is a rock star. You don’t have to sing rock music to be a rock star.


  15. Hugh

    Always awesome to see Em on a cover


  16. Buuster

    @RDK, Thats the proble, 2 of them are stars and don’t deserve it at all, letting you guess who.


  17. Ky

    Why the fuck is Eminem on the cover
    He never made anything rock
    lil wayne atleast tried
    Eminem should be on that shit


  18. KayKay

    I wonder if it will actually kill Eminem to bloody smile.


  19. Chris Mettler

    Y is Weezy on da cover? he wack. he aint no geniuos. Insulting eminem straight up yo


  20. Prashant

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  21. Photo Portfolio

    Photo Portfolio…

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