Jay-Z Gets Animated in ‘Secret Millionaires Club’ TV Series


It’s Jay-Z like you’ve never seen him before. The Roc Nation mogul makes a cameo as an animated version of himself on the “Secret Millionaires Club,” a new animated series premiering Sunday, October 23, at 1 p.m. EST on The Hub.

With guidance from billionaire investment tycoon Warren Buffett, “SMC” teaches kids financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and math skills.

In the debut episode, Jigga surprises the young entrepreneurs and offers them some encouragement and business tips. “If you put your minds to it, you can do anything,” he advises before telling them to go out and explore New York City. Hov knows best.

[E! Online]

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  1. @daworldaintflat

    Ummmm, great job Jigga.


  2. Tamar

    I wont be watching it. But I think it will do good.


  3. :)



  4. otis

    Your sorry ass should be watching it lmao


    Be real Reply:

    @otis, He’s a billionare


  5. mikkey

    NO-HOMO, but… i love jay-z -f#*& what haters think


  6. Tamar

    rap up i just saw my comment now i cant see it did yall take it off?


  7. Tamar

    Oop, nevermind. :]


  8. Ye

    doesnt have cracks in his palm


  9. ed

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. i’m sorry but… wow.


  10. Royce da 5'9

    looks nothing like him


  11. jewlz

    lol his cartoon him look better then he do


  12. KayKay

    lool wow stick to your day job Jay.


  13. Mr Nice Watch

    thank god he never acted. the animation is pure crap.


  14. Beyonce is desperate

    It doesn’t resemble him at all. They should of traced a camel’s face to get a close match.


    bknyhustle Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate,

    i let you tell it…


    ed Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, LMFAO.


  15. Be real

    Be real, how can you hate on this? It’s encouragement to children.


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