Lil Wayne Shows Love to Odd Future

Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne

Eminem and Kanye West aren’t the only hip-hop heavyweights who are down with Odd Future. Lil Wayne is also showing his support for the West Coast crew and its frontman Tyler, the Creator.

The OFWGKTA leader has been vocal about his admiration for the Young Money rapper. The two recently met at sneaker shop Flight Club in Los Angeles and Weezy learned some new tricks while skating with Tyler’s fellow Odd Future member Taco at the Supreme store.

“I just rock with ‘em. Shout out my man Taco, that’s my dude,” Weezy recently told MTV News on set of Birdman’s “Y.U. Mad” video. “I’m just real cool with the homies. Shout out my man Tyler and everybody else over there.”

Weezy plans to check out the hip-hop collective’s “Golf Wang” tour, which is currently wreaking havoc across the country. “I’ma catch a few of their shows, go check out a few of their shows and stuff,” he said.

[Photo via Golf Wang]

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  1. TVA

    He’s been dressing like Tyler since he got out of jail so he had to be a fan.


    Frank Reply:

    @TVA, cool story bro


    Tiffany Reply:

    @Frank, lol!


  2. Teenay

    Didn’t Tyler Say Fuck Wayne @ The SkatePark The Other Day??? Trifling?


    pookie Reply:


    i was gonna say the same thing!



    Sformusic Reply:

    @pookie, yh he did but he also said that he would do a collab wiv lil wayne to get lots of money to buy burgers n quote “throw them at bitches”


    wayne Reply:

    @Teenay, he was kidding


  3. Cassive

    No homo! But aww, he looks so tiny! LOL


    Sega noni Reply:

    @Cassive, truth!


    Tiffany Reply:

    @Sega noni, lol!


    @OhYour_Tiesha Reply:

    @Cassive, I Was thinking the same


  4. Wolfgang



  5. Sega noni

    Wld love to c a collabo


  6. Floboy

    Hip-hop is WWE


  7. Jayla



    megaprodigy2 Reply:

    @Jayla, i guess having fun and being yourself is lame now smh.


  8. Humz

    wahh Wayne’s head looks tiny..


  9. GolfWang



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  11. michael angelo

    big ups tyler


  12. 14t33

    i dont get it a couple weeks ago tyler said that he hate lil wayne and fuck lil wayne… wtf happend so fast that they taiking a ic like that togeter and act like nothing happend…


  13. Cal

    Agree with TVA. As soon as Wayne put on vans, pulled his socks up to his knees, wore cut off jean shorts exactly like Tyler these lyrics came to mind:

    “I know I know yup, yeah you too. Okay we get it yup, yeah you too. Okay… everybody meet Mr. me too!”


  14. Jaye Stippich

    Jaye Stippich…

    [...] || Lil Wayne Shows Love to Odd Future[...]…

  15. Duwhoopin_It

    A collaboration would be a disgrace to the whole odd future movement. Lil Wayne don’t live that lifestyle so everything he would say to keep up with Tyler’s lyrical genius would be fake as fuck.


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