New Music: T.I. f/ Pharrell – ‘Here Ye, Hear Ye’

Here Ye, Hear Ye

Here ye, hear ye. T.I. is coming back with a vengeance on his new collaboration with Pharrell. The hip-hop stars go bar for bar on the lyrical street record produced by The Neptunes hitmaker. Tip said he and P have more collabos on the way and revealed the two potential titles for his next album.

“The first of two album titles I’m debating is Kill the King because in all that I’ve gone through I’ve observed how people respond to my circumstances, and I always wonder ‘Why y’all coming at me like this?’ But I thought, ‘How do you expect them to act?’” he told Rolling Stone. “Life is a game of chess and the object is to kill the king. If you anoint yourself king, you have made yourself a target. The second one is self-explanatory—Trouble.”

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  1. Yeah4Lu



    realnigga101 Reply:

    @Yeah4Lu, seriously u tryin to say he betta than soulja. soulja boy outsold ti 10 to 1 on album sales and u say ti the king?

    u cray #gtfo


  2. Alaina

    Ooolawrd they both are SEXYSEXY!!


  3. Winston Churchill

    Can rap-up please change that damn Sean garrett wallpaper? its been on forever. some intern is slacking


  4. Kyle

    LOL, I like the concept of “Kill the King” but come on T.I., people come at you like that because you obviously make dumb decisions.


    listen Reply:

    @Kyle, exactly. they just don’t “get it.”


  5. BLAZE

    Dope ass song



    yes yes yes …this is a slow killer


  7. eddie

    i dont know if im tired or if i really feel like this song is just boring?


  8. GolfWang

    its the king!!!


  9. DrakeTakeCare

    Yieaaaaaah it’s da kiiiing biiii****…the neptunes always killin these beatsss!!


  10. bknyhustle

    King back>

    and bout time the Neptunes get they mojo back to…


  11. Brionna

    good song


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