Soulja Boy Apologizes to Fans After Arrest

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy spent the day behind bars following his arrest on marijuana possession and a gun charge, but he didn’t forget his fans. The “Crank That” rapper returned to Twitter to issue an apology.

According to TMZ, Soulja was pulled over on Tuesday morning for a traffic violation. When officers approached the Cadillac Escalade, they detected a strong odor of marijuana. After their search, they found a “substantial amount” of weed and a firearm in a briefcase, allegedly belonging to the rapper. All five men in the vehicle were taken into custody.

Upon his release that evening, the 21-year-old hip-hop star resurfaced online to thank his fans. “Thank you and i’m sorry. love you forever, seeing your letters and you standing outside that jail made me feel the love. my fans r the best,” he tweeted before filling timelines with positive messages from his followers.

Soulja’s DVD Soulja Boy: The Movie was released the same day as his arrest and he was forced to cancel his scheduled press. “I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie! to those companies i’m sorry! you can see I had a lil situation. the show must go on,” he wrote.

He plugged the movie and expressed his gratitude before logging off for the night. “Goodnight. much love go cop soulja boy the movie everywhere now thanks for your prayers.”

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  1. Nahjee

    Man you still irrelevent dog no need to say sorry oh wait… You do need to say sorry for signing riff raff to ya label what was you thinking smdh


  2. newprentiss

    This dude needs to be careful – he’s too young


  3. Flo Rida's Fan Base

    Atleast he’s sorry, but at the end of the day they always are.


  4. smh



    Really Tho Reply:

    @smh, Yeah the 12,000 dumb fans that went out to buy his last garbage album


    Ice Reply:

    @smh, IKR, I’m in shock.


  5. TheWillDawg

    Yeah what fans does he have 2 apologize to?


    michael angelo Reply:

    @TheWillDawg, yeah, bitch ass nigga claims he’s got fans. lame ass punk


  6. dhjfkj

    Why is he apologizing, we don’t give a shit, no one likes him anyways


  7. J. Bar

    How about the 2 mill he have on Twitter


  8. Swervin

    What fans ?


  9. Speechless

    2 million followers yet only 13k bought his album…FAIL.


  10. real talk

    NEVER viewed you as a role model


  11. chinedu jude

    Guy always be upright in all u do. I lov u.


  12. ed

    let’s see how many of his 2 million followers buys this shit… lmfao


  13. Mr Nice Watch

    Who was standing outside? It was prolly the paparazzi


  14. Cuz

    On some true ish its always broke people judging rich people @Nahjee it doesnt matter wat u think bra its obvious the nigga got fans because if he didnt he wouldnt have no diamonds on his neck or 70K worth of shit period when he got pulled over..smh


  15. Neat

    Hey Cuz, Get off his nuts…. he’s not that good and 15 year olds are the one trading in their bubble gum money for this album!!!!! Crank That Bullsh*t!!!


  16. cowboy

    this boy is a TOTAL IDIOT!


  17. latonya

    He should’ve apologized after every single he dropped saying “this is it, the is gonna be the best yall ever heard” and then it’s either another dance song or a flop effort at a hiphop track. This post is just taking up space just soulja boy at this label


  18. Yatta jones

    I’m a huge soulja boy fan I know his music is not all that but he made e went from grinding on the Internet to making it big he is inspiration u don’t need someone big behind or a lot of money just drive and determination can get u there I love soulja boy and still does and if he do some time trust I will b writing him in jail


  19. Jerry-TheMexican

    Ok……See that’s why your mamma DJ’s for the Ice-cream truck! He is not sorry! He is not going to change his ways! He’s an addict! Addicts are liars and have no sense of reality. If he respected himself then he’d get his life together. Till then……Soulja Boy…….Your 15 Min are about over!!


  20. schlabotnik

    Soulja Boy – dissed the real Soldier Boys – time to let him fade to nothing


  21. Jamaican

    LMAO WTF!?! Soulja Boy was working on a movie in the 1st place??


  22. Tamar

    Fans? Who the HELL would be a fan of HIS? :|


    Latonya Reply:

    @Tamar, This is where @nickiwon need to come in at, this is the person she should be attacking.


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    [...] Soulja boy was pulled over on Tuesday morning for a traffic violation. When officers approached the Cadillac Escalade, they detected a strong odor of marijuana. After their search, they found a “substantial [...]

  24. dawn

    Know what…y’all screwed with hate buncha bitter bitches


  25. Vivica

    LMAOOOO….SB, it’s that pretty boi swawg x5


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