Alicia Keys Gets ‘Fly’ at Broadway Photo Call

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is ready to take on Broadway. The Grammy-winning songstress promoted Stick Fly, the play she produced, at a photo call at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City’s Times Square today. Alicia posed with the playwright Lydia R. Diamond, director Kenny Leon, and the cast which includes actors Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Mekhi Phifer.

In addition to producing, Alicia also composed original music for the production. “As someone who walked up and down this boulevard as a young girl, I cannot describe the thrill of having the opportunity of composing songs for a Broadway show,” she stated. “It’s honestly been a dream come true. I love the humor and humanity of Stick Fly, and I’m so excited to be a part of the emotional journey this show will take audiences on.”

The play is centered around an affluent African-American family who gathers at their summer home in Martha’s Vineyard. But a relaxing weekend takes an unexpected turn when two sons bring their girlfriends home to meet their parents for the first time.

Stick Fly opens December 8 on Broadway, with limited previews at the Cort Theatre starting November 18.

Alicia Keys Lydia R. Diamond, Alicia Keys, and Kenny Leon Alicia Keys and Stick Fly Cast

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  1. koko

    Looking good…I hear the play is supposed to be really good.


  2. Lisa

    Thia woman is awesome.


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  4. Diva H2T

    Looking great! She looks like beyonce’s mom!


    DeeJay Reply:

    @Diva H2T, I can’t hate, I like the way Beyonce mother Tina dress, but as you get older, your taste change, it depends on the venue, mood, and whatever.


  5. Sonya

    She looks beautiful and no, she does not look like Beyonce’s mom. She looks like Egypt’s mom. Great job Alicia. I hope she continues to prove all you haters wrong who said it was over for her. Hah!


  6. Michelle

    Cute <3


  7. Nits

    she is truly an artist through and through…she looks as beautiful as ever…go alicia


  8. Beyonce is desperate

    Her career is spiraling down ever since her whorish homewrecking behavior. This is the same thing that happened to Ashanti. Now these singers are going theater work.


    Sonya Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, Ha, ha, ha. She’s doing even more now plus music. People are blind.


    allison Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, <<<<<<<<<<<stupidity lives.
    Alicia is producing and composing for Broadway, she isn't doing some low budget chitin circuit play. Do you know how big that is? Of course you don't, bitterness tends to blind people.


    kelvin Reply:

    @allison, no ignorance tends to blind people lol, i feel ya


    Anita Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate,
    I can’t believe there are still ignorant people who are still bringing up gossip from so long ago. Yes, I said gossip, because not one of those haters was there or can prove anything. Only idiots believe everything they hear and keep running it in the ground. Guess it makes them feel better. You really should worry about you own mistakes, not what you THINK is someone elses.


  9. From Tokyo

    Nice outfit.


  10. akeys tha bomb

    Alicia Keys is tha BOSS!

    That is all…

    Haters are jealous!! Hahahahahahah


  11. DeeJay

    SO HAPPY FOR HER, I know what it feels like when your dreams come true, its experenice you never, get again, and its unbelieveable. Congrats.



  12. Sarah

    @Beyonce is desperate, ummm you sound STUPID. As Alicia Keys is continuing music, still the top selling R&B artist, and is PRODUCING and WRITING MUSIC for this play, you believe HER career is spiraling down? Even after she directed a film? You can’t be serious. Alicia is NOT going to be on the stage of Broadway, but providing the FUNDS for the show as well as WRITING the music. You can’t be this dumb.


  13. lucas92

    totally agreed with @sara!! I really Thank god that there’s still some smart people living on this planet:) And definitely she doesn’t look like beyonce’s mom who’s by the way ugly and fake as her daughter.PERIOD She looks like alicia keys 14 time grammy awards winner and who has sold more than 35m albums…


    kelvin Reply:

    @lucas92, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. chris

    alycia is hot than beyonce.


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