Kreayshawn Unveils New Lavender Look

Kreayshawn is switching up her swag. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper debuted a new hairstyle, trading in her blonde bangs for a lavender look. “I just got a make over!” tweeted Kreayshawn, who is developing her own clothing line.

She explained how her mother, Elka Zolot of the garage punk band The Trashwomen, influenced her. “I was this little punk baby,” she told The Huffington Post. “My mom wasn’t strict or anything—I’d be like three years old dressed like a punk and cursing and she’d think it was funny. I was always a loud mouth. It made me who I am.”

What do you think of her new look?


  • Yeah4Lu


  • Kwayzee


  • Latonya

    Get off the computer and start working on another song before you become an irrelevant one hit wonder. If i wanted to know what color yo hair is i would follow you on twitter or friend you on facebook but i don’t. NEXT!

  • ed

    Rap-Up, love you, but please stop the buffoonery.

  • Mr Nice Watch

    You fugly. you are a ‘onehitwonder’ if you wanna call yourself that.

  • Mr Nice Watch

    You fugly!

  • noraashy

    is this story even worth posting on the site………no.

  • Mr Nice Watch

    a ‘one hit wonder’ if you wanna call yourself that

  • :/


  • Replay

    SHE IS SO UGLY…. she can’t rap… this girl is a shame. I’ll never understand how people can push this girl/boy?

    • jewlz

      @Replay, ikr

  • Tamar



    crack whore #NEXT

  • Orlando

    ewwwwww blah gross throw-up nasty hag-ah-muffin
    go back on crack like u use too.u smell like shit & piss in the san francisco & oakland streets. I wish u wouldnt born here in the bayarea of san francisco

  • jimscreechie

    My baby *kissssss* :)

    • michael angelo

      @jimscreechie, ya must be a retard like her!!!

  • Tierra

    Rap-Up please do not post about her anymore.

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  • nuny

    Lady Gaga ….??..

  • michael angelo

    bitch looks like a cat

    • bigbootyjudi

      @michael angelo, stop hatin she got ur more money then u woud eva have (LMFAO)

  • Slice


  • Kreayshawn

    Its straight. I like how her hair looked back in her mixtape days



  • chris

    go away sheesh i like iggy azalea,shes gonna run u down ,thaz wazzup n tell v nasty i need a blow job

  • bigbootyjudi

    ima very freaky gurl alll about bitchz

  • Ayee’C.Lo

    I love Kreayshawn, but im not feelin this color. But hey, she wanted to switch it up so, yae (: