New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Hunnadz’


Trey Songz heads to the club with a pocket full of “Hunnadz” on a new hip-hop cut from #Lemmeholdatbeat2, one of two new mixtapes he’s dropping on November 1. A confident Trigga brags about his riches, addresses his relationship with his father (“And we don’t really talk, but I love him/ That’s my ni**a”), and kicks game to the ladies. Follow his paper trail.

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  1. bigbootyjudi

    damm all tht money i wish i had tht



    Trey is bored me since al ong time :S why??


  3. LuvIt

    A whole bunch a hunnadz in my pocket right now. I gotta a whole bunch a hunnadz in my pockets. Trey>>>>>


  4. RunTheLove:)

    Trey is so bad ..since he works with other artist , Flop!


  5. Steve

    G@y :)


  6. Kayla

    I love it! Go Trey!


    bigbootyjudi Reply:

    @Kayla, me too


  7. bigbootyjudi

    damm i wish tht i had tht money….!!!!!!!!!!


  8. latonya

    Trey rappin , stop. Pass, Trey not tryna to rap about something tht nobody else is rapping about stop. pass, Scrap this.Go make love to somebody and then put in a record


  9. GolfWang



  10. daisy

    damn Haterz wtf bitches haten n niggas smh…stop hatn nd start appreciatn our blacks for wat they doin dnt b mad cuz u not grindn ….fuk wat yall talkn bout trey u the fukn man no matter wat u do…#teeam trey


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