Video: T-Pain – ‘Drowning Again’


T-Pain eases up on the Auto-Tune and shows a softer side in the dark video for “Drowning Again.” Back by an orchestra, Teddy P. pours his heart out at the piano as he croons the somber love song.

“Waves upon waves keep me down/ And I can’t get to the top/ But when I get there, I’ll still be nowhere ’cause I can’t find the one I love,” sings Pain, who will release his new album rEVOLVEr on December 6.

We bet you’ve never seen him like this before.

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  1. Bll3zzy

    No Auto-tune, thats a start, he went in raw. A real Deep song T-pain, I like it


  2. Dr. Music101

    He’s releasing all these singles without an album release date….(>_>)


    Tanveer Reply:

    @Dr. Music101, December 6th


  3. theTruth

    WOW, was not expecting that from T-Pain. I like it.


  4. Ice



  5. BLAZE

    WOW! I love this song he really showed off his vocals


  6. PY72011

    Fuckin love this


  7. Kalub

    When are we going to get the damn video for FANTASY ft. Dawn Richard. That video was shot months ago. And he has already moved on to promoting his album!


  8. DrakeTakeCare

    I LIKE IT !!! t-pain pls stop using autotune when u do songs like that without it!!!


  9. Fan Of A Fan



  10. Yeezy & HOV

    it’s not bad but i don’t really like this cause it’s just a piano whitout beat.t-pain i like him only with he sing the chorus on featuring,My fav song of himeself it’s just:Im Sprong


  11. Hanson

    I dig it…


  12. Latonya

    Didn’t i tell yall, didn’t i say THIS. T-pain is a talented singer, and with or with-out auto-tune the boi can make a great record


  13. DW

    I don’t know why people are surprised, he can sing and he has sung like this on his first album.


  14. Hugh


    Deserves respect


  15. chris

    in ua face jay z n t-pain haters-push that up ua butt ugly to tha hand.deuces to yall.


  16. Juan

    Um, if you listen closely he still uses autotune in this track, just not as strong. Yes he can sing, but he needs to drop the gimic w/ all that autotune shit completely.


  17. Son

    I’m feeling it! The man has always from the start had vocal talent. I have a dvd w a variety of music videos and when I heard this song, I put dvd on repeat. The maturity is profound. A mini orchestra and just T-P on piano…piece if art. I hope they give it airplay cause I’m growing tired of Chris B, lil’ wayne, jay-z, & Kanye…ijs


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