J. Cole Calls Beyoncé ‘Party’ Remix a ‘Blessing’

J. Cole and Beyoncé

J. Cole was honored when Beyoncé called on him to appear on the remix to “Party.” The Roc Nation signee recalls the unforgettable experience of working with the pop megastar and reveals that he was originally supposed to appear on the album version.

During an interview with Hot 106′s “Rise & Grind Morning Show,” Cole explained why his verse was cut short. “You know how many verses I did for that song,” said the North Carolina native, who replaced André 3000 on the remix. “I did a version of that before her album [4] even came out. I did two verses. I love these verses too, but they ended up going with André’s verse and André killed it.”

B enlisted Jay-Z’s protégé when she was ready to release the song as a single. “Then she reached out to me and she wanted me to get on the remix. I did two more verses. Out of the second set that I did, she picked the first verse. But my second verse, I just gotta say for the record… It was just too long, I think she was looking for something shorter and more to the point.”

But Cole is not complaining. “It’s just a blessing to even be able to work with [Beyoncé]. I’m on my defensive rapper, like yo man. When you follow in André’s 3000′s shoes, you’re expected to really go in. Just the fact to even be on the song with her and shoot the video with her and just be in her presence… She’s such a hard working, incredible artist. I’ll never forget that day we shot the video, I’ll never forget being able to be on that song, and hopefully we got more as time goes on. Shout out to Beyoncé.”

J. Cole will appear in the video for “Party,” which is expected to premiere this week.

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  1. Marissa

    awww :)


  2. Teyah

    I still prefer Andre 3000′s verse. J. Cole’s was too short! And I’m not sure why Beyonce would release the remix as a single when it was the album version with Andre that made the song an urban hit! Almost #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart!


  3. illerbrown



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    I know this is random but imagine if J Cole and Beyonce were having an affair and that baby is actually J cole’s- Now that would be a COLE WORLD looooool, I know that was wack *leaves room*


    D-BEST Reply:



    tina E Reply:

    @THETRUTH, You’re not by yourself, I had the same thought. Especially with all the JZ, RiRi rumors. Everbody knows RiRi will @#$@ anything with a pulse. Plus J Cole is fine as hell.


  6. Triniti

    Cole World, No Wallflower!!!


  7. Jay Scorpio

    seriously Bee is this da best u can do?? J Cole lmbao… NEXT!


  8. 316BeyStan

    SOmething is definetly going wrong with Andre 3000.Most likely contractually.


    Ronnie Ron Reply:

    @316BeyStan, Yea most likely, they have him as a cat on the new Lloyd video


  9. B0SS


    What you mean, J Cole, is shout out to Jay Z. You know good n well you sound a simpleton mess with that 2 line input following Andre 3000′s laid back ole school feel to match the song flow. Just ugh!!!!! Stay off Beyonce’s records! FROM A LOYAL FAN THAT PURCHASES ALL HER OFFERINGS INCLUDING GOD BLESS AMERICA… EXCEPT THIS REMIX. THANKS!


  10. Holler.

    sorry cole, u never followed in 3 stacks shoes! Ur verse was wack.


  11. @IamMrHAndsome

    Baby u mad! U can leave too


  12. todd



    Real Issh Reply:

    @todd, Kill yourself .


  13. char

    why is my bey always stealing?why stealing again ?


  14. hating is for suckas and getting money is for winners

    @char..no she did not..khia is delusional dont pay that hoe no attention the full video comes out tonite ..khia is a noboy with career no life she is worthless


  15. Renae

    Both SO incredibly talented!


  16. Lauren

    I’m sorry. Andre’ 3000 should’ve stayed on this track. J. Cole…who is he again? I’m from Atlanta…so rep anybody from the home team! “Set the scene, three thousand degrees
    Ain’t worried ’bout them fuck niggas over there, but they worried ’bout me”


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  18. taffa

    Is indeed a blessing to do a vid with the queen of music huh..


  19. smile4Me

    first of all…all of beyonce’s songs and videos this year reminded me of the Bday album…she bascially jus put out videos for almost all the songs on her album 4 weak!!!


  20. smile4Me

    and all her videos and that beat to (girls who run the world) r all copying thats’s the queen of music being a copycat lame!


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