M.I.A. Pops Up at Madonna’s Film Premiere


It’s been a minute since we’ve seen M.I.A. in public, but she briefly returned to the spotlight at the 55th BFI London Film Festival last night. The Sri Lankan singer, who traded in her bleached blonde locks for a more natural hair color, emerged in glittery drawstring shorts and a matching top paired with a zip-up jacket and lace-up boots while attending the premiere of W.E., the film Madonna co-wrote and directed. We’re still waiting to hear what she cooked up with Swizz Beatz, Polow Da Don, and Chris Brown in their recent studio sessions.

M.I.A. M.I.A.

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  1. rihannastan!



  2. Replay

    She looks like “…….” :(


  3. Boss

    ok she looks bad as hell!!those boots are a mess..


  4. Aquierra

    I think she looks beautiful.


  5. bhd

    i dunno. She looks way older than last year. I really wanna hear her new stuff though! :/ miss you maya x


  6. hating is for suckas and getting money is for winners



  7. junky



  8. Fa

    Love the fact that american readers don’t get the London style! LMAOOO US is used to barbie shit packed up in cheap russian candy paper called dress


    junky Reply:

    @Fa, no no.. the style is awesome!! her junky face thou!!


  9. RDK

    i see you M.I.A. her eyes looks like she was on the ick sticky w.eed,she doing her thing though.


  10. ms.white

    I hope she is ok…waiting for new music


  11. @jdashwill

    Outfit is bad. Its not the average chick wear,that’s why I like it, but she does look on the old side of the world! Or not really healthy. #MyOpinion!


  12. jusnot4m33

    Umm. ” Wromp wromp”
    But paper airplanes was my shit
    Song still go hard


  13. Audrey Hepburn

    What the hell happened to her face? That’s a no-go.


  14. joho

    i think shes wearing contact lenses…make her look strange


  15. 2XCL

    She looks RIPPED!


  16. mikaju

    omg maya, snap yrself outta that condition girl nd get back wit some nu music, we be waitin’


  17. victor

    Super Ugly


  18. Yeezy & HOV

    LMAO ! shhhe’Z so awful


  19. Diogame

    I love you M.I.A.


  20. stationary


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