50 Cent Tackles Bullying on ‘Today’ Show [Video]

50 Cent

50 Cent is expanding his empire with his latest book release. A dapper Curtis Jackson sat down with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on the “Today” show to promote his first young adult novel Playground, inspired by his own adolescence as a teenage bully.

He thought of his son Marquis when writing the book, in stores November 1. “Because my son is 15 years old, [bullying is] a relevant issue for me,” he said. “I wrote it because I want to do something about it.”

50 admits to being a bully as a kid, but he has learned from his past. “I can look back on those actual situations and say that was completely wrong. But I know what was motivating it now.”

It was Marquis who turned the former drug dealer’s life around. “My son, he’s my motivation. When he was born, I had to change everything.”

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  1. @Slyboi



    AmbeRussell Reply:

    @@Slyboi, yeah, dont he bully everyday on twitter n all them rappers from rick ross all the way to ja rule


    @Slyboi Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, It’s a shame.


    Samir Reply:


    How is a hypocrite? He clearly says he wrote in the perspective of a bully. It’s not about a kid getting bullied, it’s about a bully.



  2. ed



  3. lapresha's mother

    OF ALL PEOPLE….50 Cent????!!!! He still a bully. By the by…..CORNROWS lost all approval in 2004, seriously.


    ncvfdju Reply:

    @lapresha’s mother, thanks to kanye(who took part in changing baggy clothes into high end polos and somewhat tight jeans)


    ESCO Reply:

    @ncvfdju, It’s for a movie role opposite Nic Cage.

    And who else to write a book about a bully other than a self confessed bully. More credibility that way.


  4. Famlay

    50 is a fool and with them cornrows???


  5. kb

    50, take out the damn cornrolls.. this is not 2005


  6. Trey

    :o them braids……..¬_¬ #clockout……..


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Trey, LOL @ “clockout”

    My thought was “edges, edges, edges”. That’s what I’m looking at. LOL


  7. DRB

    His hair….WTF *watches video*


  8. Joe

    He looks like an ape.


    Nikki Reply:

    @Joe, so do you…


  9. From Tokyo

    These comments killed me so early in the morning. LMAO It takes a bully to talk about bullying, btw, 50.


  10. kiki

    I dig his hair like this except that hairline needs sorting and it’s funny he talks about bullying with the way he is on twitter but I ain’t mad at him.


  11. Samir

    All this time and people still don’t get why 50 has these weird hair cuts, Smh. He ain’t trying to make no fashion statement, if it was up to him he’d be on them shows wearing a du-rag and his bulletproof vest, South Jamaican Queens ’til the end.

    His hair is because of a movie role he’s playing opposite Nicolas Cage. Just like his jerry curls haircut when he was filming a movie with De Niro. Shit, making money, movies and opposite Oscar winning legends like Cage and De Niro? I’d cut my hair anyway they ask me.


  12. lover

    50 is doing well with his project…sk is expanding his influence…he is meeting with top people in the world


  13. Hugh

    Must be doin the hair for a movie


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