Kanye West and Jay-Z Partner with VoyR to Give Fans Exclusive Tour Access

Kanye West and Jay-Z

If you can’t be at the Watch the Throne tour kickoff on Friday, don’t despair. You’ll be able to catch some of the action on VoyR, a new online platform that gives fans a backstage pass to exclusive content.

VoyR members will have unprecedented access to the tour, plus get a closer look inside the moguls’ multifaceted business and personal interests. The monthly subscription includes inspirational and shareable stories called VSodes and branded live webcasts posted throughout the 33-date trek. Don C., Kanye’s co-manager, and Virgil Abloh, his creative/art advisor, will make appearances.

Users can sign up for membership for $4.99/month starting today with full website access launching on October 28.

Get a taste of what to expect by watching a clip of Kanye recording “Otis” in the studio with Jay-Z.


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  1. Mikey

    This is sick! I missed out on tickets (still pissed), but this will more than make up for it!


  2. kingb bish



  3. FlO bOy

    I got my tickets @ the triple A in Miami …”Ain’t that where the Heat play?Niggas hate ballers these days.Ain’t that like Lebron James? Ain’t that just like D.Wade?Wait!


  4. Yeezy & HOV

    O.T.I.S (Only The Illest Survives) Jay & Ye my idols


  5. watchinthebullpen

    Novvvvvvv 21 BOOOSSTTTTOONN IM IN THERE &&& that shit crayyyy


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