T.I. Returns to ‘Chelsea Lately’ [Video]

T.I. and Chelsea Handler

T.I. was back in the hot seat on “Chelsea Lately” for the first time since his release from prison. The flirty talk show host welcomed back her “ex-boyfriend” before drilling him on his latest stint behind bars.

“Well it seems like every time I leave here I’m going to prison,” laughed Tip, who wore a Burberry sweater and glasses. “Yet I keep coming back.”

The rapper-turned-author spoke about writing his first novel Power & Beauty while in prison, rumors of getting a “handy J” from his wife Tiny behind bars, his recent incident with Diddy at an Atlanta nightclub, and reuniting with the man whose suicide he helped prevent.

They went back and forth trading jabs, but when T.I. joked that Chelsea had 50 Cent’s last name, she quipped back, “Nice try asshole.” Share in the laughfest below.

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  1. Bobby



  2. victor

    No idea why the “king” finds is jailhopping antics funny or cool.Everyone knows spending time wit your family, being a good husband and father is the most ganster thing one could ever do.Grow up douche..


    J. Bar Reply:

    @victor, He doesn’t, when he goes on shows like this he tries to see the funny side of everything.


    jaildude Reply:

    @J. Bar, I think Victor is right.T.I is still in the old 90s mindset that glorifies going to jail and wasting ones life as being gangsta.Not in this day its not.Time spent in jail is time wasted..


    Mr Xclusive Reply:

    @jaildude, i think your a dumb*ss


    aaliyah Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, you’re calling someone a dumb-ss when you can’t even write a proper sentence.


    Amir Reply:

    @victor, U have to walk in shoes before u can judge him for his actions . He is the king and always will be . Get a brain . Douchebag


    J. Reply:

    @victor, lol at pretty much taking dre’s quote from R.E.D


    Jay Whitney Reply:

    @victor, I mean damn. He made a mistake and he knows he did but everytime he comes to Chelsea’s show he knows that she was eventually gonna crack a joke about him being in jail. What you expect him to do? not try to laff it off and play along? Jeeez!


  3. real talk

    Chelsea is so funny. 50 last name was Lately. OKAY!!!


  4. malikMJdope

    Chelsea Handler is fucking great shes so hillarious, but other than that I gotta get that book Power & Beauty


  5. cwalk

    DAMN IT i can view this in KENYA!!!!


  6. Speechless

    I love their interviews together


  7. ed

    LOL Chelsea + T.I. = a hilarious mess.


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