New Music: Lil Mama – ‘Hustler Girl’

Lil Mama

Lil Mama keeps her head up on “Hustler Girl,” an empowering anthem she dedicates to all the women who have dealt with adversity. “My verses are speaking from my life and my truth, but at the same time it’s dedicated to all of you,” said the 22-year-old raptress during a recent concert.

She shares her struggles, but still maintains a positive attitude. “When I’m in the ring, I can’t see the pain/ I just shine like MJ and Billie Jean,” she raps, while a male singer provides the breezy hook.

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  1. Amy

    I like. Get it Lil Mama.


  2. Yeah4Lu

    …it’s cool


  3. Big.Deal

    Tired of seeing him.


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @Big.Deal, OMG I’m about to die.


    UhOh Reply:

    @Big.Deal, DEAD!


    Truth Reply:

    @Big.Deal, Lmfaoooooooo


  4. Mushy

    I like that she’s on her grind. The song is aight. The singer sound like Weezy & the actual track doesn’t sound mixed properly. Her look stepped up though. Shes talented she should just try an authentic approach, like a dope @$$ mixtape w/ her rapping & singing (cause she’s good @ both) & sone cool visuals.



    I like it


  6. Mmm Hmm

    I love it!!! ;-) Get it Lil Mama!!!


  7. Yep Yep

    Yes!!! Real good!!!


  8. prodaja

    I like the hook its on point but witout da hook its nuttin serious n all dat time off u had lil mama u supposed to come back wit a vengence.ur verses are supposed to show improvement and the fact that u hungry for thys. Come harder cause right now u provin a lot of people right n not the ones thaT had somethin good to say either.


    Quan Reply:

    @prodaja, some clown somewhere needs to clean their ears…


  9. real talk

    Go Lil Mama! I actually like this


  10. Rello

    I like it , Good Fall Anthem .


  11. Yeezy & HOV

    i like just the hook


  12. Nelz

    I like it, Go girl dont let anyone tell you, than you cant do it!!!


  13. JEM

    oh my god she sound like Lil Kim, but you go Mama this shit is cute


  14. Ice

    #1 Hustler Man


  15. News: Lil Mama – ‘Hustler Girl’ | Verse Magazine

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  16. Asianrockstarbitch



  17. yeah

    there’s something about her face that makes me want to punch it.


    ed Reply:

    @yeah, LMAOOOO


  18. Shaniqua :)

    Why BowWow got this damn wig on tho ?


    Ikaryss Reply:

    @Shaniqua :), omg


  19. Shaniqua :)

    Btw I’m not feeling this Lil Mama . Ehh go back to ABDC . Ughh ! She swear she just untouchable . One hit wonder bitch hang it up , the chorus irks the fuck out of me ! -_-


  20. Queenie

    Lil Papa?


  21. Hugh


    But she seems to be doing a Nicki flow?


    NicBKNY Reply:

    Where does Nicki Minaj come in on this. Female artist always got to be put against each other its ridiculous. We need to up left black women doing there thing and not put them against each other. If you consider the worlds views.


  22. NicBKNY

    GRRRRRREAT keep it coming


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