Coldplay Covers Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ [Video]

Rihanna and Coldplay

Rihanna is getting the cover treatment from one of rock’s biggest bands. Coldplay turned the pop diva’s Calvin Harris-produced dance single “We Found Love” into a more mellow tune during their performance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Rihanna’s collaboration with Chris Martin and the band, “Princess of China,” is already in the top 5 songs on iTunes.

What do you think of Coldplay’s cover? Let us know!

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  1. OOL UH UH

    Go on Rih! It’s YOUR time, baby.


  2. Teenay

    Chris sang it better than Rihanna – Ouch!!! #ByeRihanna


    meme Reply:

    @Teenay, why do u ppl have to turn something positive into some negative?


  3. Ally86

    Love them, love her great collab/cover.


  4. Coleworld

    Coldplay can do no wrong. Great cover. I’m sure Rihanna is gonna love this.


  5. leemeyoung

    Loves it :-)


  6. @Slyboi

    @Teenay, you crazy or crazy? #ByeHater

    Good Cover. & Correction, it’s been @Rihanna’s time!


  7. wow

    Anyone can sing a Rihanna cover and sound 100x better than her. If you think Rihanna can sing then you have start listening to something else other than her.


    PopBitchBabe Reply:

    @wow, it is people like you that stop the world from moving foward it is such a shame you are deaf you should wear your hearing aid man


  8. illerbrown

    best band out


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    Not feeling it, Coldplay are still dope though


  10. hidyman

    I love it love rihanna and coldplay


  11. donrliya



  12. Hugh

    Princess of China keeps growing on me.

    After a couple listens it my fave new song right now


  13. chris

    who cares about this?tha original is way better.f this new version.


  14. Jfenty

    I freakin love this band and Rihanna! RihannaNavy


  15. Sasha

    Wow ! Love Chris Martin’s voice !!!


  16. bnasty19

    ya know what….
    I really cannot wait to hear rihanna actually perform this song live her damn self . It reminds me of Complicated from the Loud album (which she never performed live EVER ) . i wanna here just how real her vocals are and if its not all studio magic behind her . #rihannaNavy


  17. ri

    i think that’s awesome to hear a different approach to a great song good job cold play Respect riri


  18. jade

    love love love!


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