Robin Thicke Moves Album to December, Readies Lil Wayne Single

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is not quite ready to take the battlefield. The soul man has delayed the release of his fifth album Love After War to December.

The follow-up to 2009’s Sex Therapy, previously scheduled for November 15, will now arrive on December 6. He will face off with albums from Nicole Scherzinger, Bow Wow, Taio Cruz, The Roots, and T-Pain.

The title track is currently available at digital retailers and a video has been shot with director Hype Williams. Thicke is also reuniting with Lil Wayne on his next single “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” which goes to iTunes on November 8.

In addition to Weezy, he has been in the studio with Faith Evans and Pharrell. “You get to that point where you hate it and then you love it,” Thicke said of his new music. “It’s just like any important relationship in your life.”

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  1. D-BEST

    why is he working with bow wow, t-pain and Taio Cruz? You better then that Robin


    CJ Reply:

    @D-BEST, He’s not working with Bow Wow, T-Pan, & Taio Cruz he’s merely coming out with his album on the same day as them.


    wow Reply:

    @D-BEST, you can’t be that dumb.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @D-BEST, It says “he will face off with albums from Nicole Scherzinger, Bow Wow” etc. that means they are his competition cause they are releasing their album on the same day he is.

    Read it over, he is NOT working with them


    Cp2009 Reply:

    @D-BEST, Haha…


  2. Marco

    I don’t think he’s working with them. I think their albums are due on the same day as his. Can’t wait for it.


  3. ed

    so tired of Lil Wayne features. #overrated


  4. kb

    note to artists, putting lil wayne on your songs does NOT make it a guaranteed hit


    AmbeRussell Reply:

    @kb, TTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHAAAAAANNNKKKKKK YYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU. why EVERYBODY think wayne gonna give them his best lines n shit or that he will get them a hit? numbers show wayne doesn NOT give many ppl hit songs. so STOP spending 100k on him when the song may not get in the top 50 on billboard.
    check out my youtube show, amberussell


  5. real talk

    Feature Lil Wayne is beyond old. he ain’t the only rapper


  6. Shady

    The reason y he getting wayne is probably cuz they had 3 songs in the past that were REAL good. They dont have to be hits the two jut make good music put together!!!


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  8. chris

    f weezy n young money.overrated n way beyond fake


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