Video: Future – ‘Tony Montana’


When a shipment of drugs goes missing, the cartel calls on their best man to get the job done. Atlanta newcomer Future makes his way from his hometown to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to track down the culprit in the suspenseful video for “Tony Montana,” the Scarface-inspired single from his Epic Records debut Pluto, due early next year. He mixes with the locals, rides through the grimy streets on bikes, and cozies up to some Latina hotties. Will he get the job done? Follow the chase.

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  1. myke

    wtf is he saying?


    w Reply:

    @myke, LMFAO i know yeah. he makes no damn sense.


    jewlz Reply:

    @w, lmao ikr


  2. Jordan

    This song is soooo ratchet yet catchy and addicting


  3. Jfenty

    this song is catchy as fuck!


  4. @Slyboi

    ONLY THING CATCHY IS “TONY MONTANA” Everything else he sounds as if he’s constipated. . .


  5. Eman

    hook is catchy as fuck rest of the song -_________-


  6. Che

    Damnit Future just when I thought this ratchetness would remain in the underbelly of Atlanta, your ass releases a video -__-


  7. Ummm...

    All I heard was “twenty one – ten”…the fact that he couldnt even fully say “Tony Montana” just urks me.


  8. chris

    tony montana tha new freshman in town,he gonna tke over tha game


  9. Thaeyecatcher

    Shuda released the remix with drake


  10. OhGee

    Tony Montana!!!
    Good Song bruh


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