New Music: Lil Twist f/ Busta Rhymes – ‘Turnt Up’

Lil Twist

Lil Twist cranks up the volume with Busta Rhymes on the new single from his Young Money debut Don’t Get It Twisted, coming December 20.


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  1. Orlando

    Dope Ass Beat…Killa Song…Great Colabo…


  2. john doe

    nice never great but efforts can be made


  3. Really

    Really? Weak.


  4. RDK

    this is not bad,he drop that annoying auto,so this is much better.


  5. Brooklyn

    I know im gonna get that cd and that new song is it


  6. Jordan

    its cute


  7. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    it’s ok, better than lil’Chuckee


  8. Swervin

    So, Busta is now workin’ nigga named Lil Twist ( ??? ). How much can one man sell out ?


  9. Hugh

    Probably Twists best song.

    Beat and Busta are dope


  10. chep

    twist best song!!!!!!!


  11. dallas champ

    Busta killed Twist on his own song. I can’t O_o


    mistwalker Reply:

    @dallas champ, who don’t busta kill on their on song with kind of folw ? i doupt even enimen can out do him on a track especially with this flow


  12. BLAZE

    This is the only song I heard from him that I like good job Twist an Busa bus kills everything


  13. @daworldaintflat

    Stop cursing, Twist.


  14. hales

    this is good, lil twist cursing .. yeah no stop. lol


  15. Speechless



  16. D



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