Rick Ross: ‘I’m Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been’

Rick Ross

The Boss is back on Twitter. Rick Ross returned to the social networking site for the first time since a medical emergency landed him in the hospital.

Rozay sent out his first tweet in two weeks, writing “#thebossback. stronger than Ive ever been.. richer than I ever wuz..” He did not directly address the two seizures he had while flying in a plane to his concerts.

He subsequently canceled his scheduled appearances in Memphis, Greensboro, Atlanta, and Los Angeles following the incident.

His Maybach Music signee Wale said exhaustion is to blame for his boss’ recent health woes. “He need to get some rest. He’s been working himself real, real hard,” he told Angie Martinez. “Every other day he text me, make sure you get some rest.”

Rozay will return to his promo grind. His fifth album God Forgives, I Don’t is due December 13.

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  1. Ghostkiller

    Ross is the best!4ever


  2. latonya

    Why’d they have to use that picture he look like he sleep but you can’t tell for sure because of the sun glasses. lol


    BO$$ Reply:

    @latonya, you got a problem with everything, don’t you? SMH. nothing wrong with the photo. now your icon…


  3. chris

    rickross ate too many burgers n his cholestrol level went too high n he risked a heart attack.damn ross need to be exercisin n eat healthy.


    Why Ask Reply:

    @chris, I agree with you. He looks like a waking heart attack. Not taking away from his skills as a rapper – but the truth be told being over weight isnt good for anyone no matter how much money they have.


  4. mistwalker

    him calling him self god of forgiveness is sickening !!! and him bragging about his riches please shut up already rick ross u ok as an rapper but please STFU !!! and make ur music AND WATCH YOUR WIGHT !!!


  5. youngmoneykilla

    what a fake c.o n**** talk like he been shot all dudes r fake talking about they thugs they all just fake YALL JUST A BUNCH OF STUIDIO GANGSTERS THUG LIFE BABY


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