Nicole Scherzinger Performs ‘Try With Me’ on ‘X Factor’ [Video]

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger was back in black on Britain’s “X Factor” results show. The newly single singer, who recently shot down rumors that she’s dating Drake, stunned in a lacy black gown while performing her new single “Try With Me” for the first time on television. She will repackage her solo debut Killer Love for release in the U.K. on November 14, with a U.S. release to follow in December.

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  1. Thiago

    OMG! Perfect vocals and she dominated the stage!
    I can’t wait for KILLER LOVE U.S.


  2. kiki

    that was amazingggggggg


  3. Ewe

    WOWW Nicole did an AMAZING job! Perfect performance:) Hopefully performances like this will make people stop hating on her.


  4. wictory

    amazing amazing amazing !!!!!


  5. Dino

    great performance, she is beautiful, talented and sexy…love watching her on the us x factor,she is a great judge…LOVE YOU NICOLE


  6. Fa

    euro trash kills the radio star!


  7. ThankMeLater

    wow I actually like this song


  8. DrakeTakeCare

    good flavour drizzy ;) hahaha


  9. Erick

    Wow she did amazing! I love this song! Nicole is an incredible singer, dancer & performer! She won Popstars and had #1 single & gold album with Eden’s Crush selling 500,000+, then lead singer of the multi-platinum selling PCD 15+million albums & 40+ million singles, won Dancing with the Stars, got rave review for RENT musical, been in movies & T.V. shows including judge for 2 seasons on The Sing Off, UK X FACTOR and now USA X FACTOR… this girl amazes me!


  10. TJ

    Nice song…kinda pretty. I like the dress and the bare feet thing.

    Is she really seeing Drake? That would be a majah couple.


  11. Joe

    There should be a law where artists who are American citizens would be required to release their material in the USA either on the same date or before anywhere else…Who’s with me?


  12. DRB

    She’s a great singer, she’s beautiful, has an amazing personality and is a better dancer than most. I really hope she finds success soon. Her music is very hit and miss with me so lets get that together.


  13. jopaangrie

    she’s amaziiiiiiin nt wait for #KillerLove U.S version Dic 4!! ( :


  14. Lexi

    The nightly you are llkeiy running is 4.0b8pre since the tree on Beta 7 build was closed earlier this week. Beta 7 should be out sometime in November. possibly as early as this coming week. RC1 is llkeiy what won’t be until December.


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