JoJo Covers Amy Winehouse [Video]

JoJo paid tribute to Amy Winehouse by covering “You Know I’m No Good,” a cut off the late soulstress’ classic album Back to Black, during her free show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit on Sunday night. Seated beside her guitarist, the big-voiced songstress tore the roof off the house with a compelling acoustic interpretation that would make Amy proud.

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  1. #TeamJoJo

    Damn this girl can sang her ass off


  2. aight



  3. EchoDust

    girl has my attention. will be checking out her new album


  4. Teenay

    Good – But You can’t beat Ms. Amy!!!


    #TeamJoJo Reply:

    @Teenay, She wasn’t trying to beat amy smh…


  5. georgia22

    I’m soooooo about to get fired… but IDC!!! Jojo bodied this. She’s no, Amy, but she REALLY made it her own and that’s what makes it great. Brava, Jojo, Brava!


  6. Songstress

    I love how Jojo still made it her own ! I miss Amy !!! Good job Jojo !


  7. pauli

    Me encanta, great job ¡¡¡ I love you JOJO :)


  8. kal

    she has some nerve! sangin the mess out of that song!


  9. maya

    & this is why I love Jojo!!!


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