Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners 2011

Michael Jackson

For our third annual pumpkin carving contest, we asked you to mix hip-hop and Halloween and you didn’t disappoint. Our inbox was filled with some awesome carvings of Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. But we had to whittle it down to three jack-o’-lanterns that stood out from the pack.

Mandy sent chills down our spine with her thrilling carving of Michael Jackson as a zombie from his iconic “Thriller” video. Her attention to detail and technique won her first place and a Sony Bloggie 3D camera. Congrats!

Check out second and third place and some honorable mentions below.

Janelle Monáe

2nd Place: All bow in the presence of the ArchAndroid. Ben nailed his carving of Cindi Mayweather with this pumpkin inspired by Janelle Monáe’s album cover. A Swatch New Gent watch is on its way to you, sir.

Nicki Minaj

3rd Place: It’s alive! Mad Dog unleashed a monster with this depiction of Nicki Minaj as the “Bride of Blackenstein” from her “SNL” appearance, complete with a Nicki chain.

Here are some other submissions that caught our eye:

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered. Happy Halloween!

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  1. jimscreechie



  2. Jess

    Dang, those are good.


  3. Neon

    Great work!


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    these ppl are real good, congrats to the people who won


  5. Winston Churchill

    man she just google that pic. she didnt do that crap lol. i cant believe you fell for that rap up.


    Mandy Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, Nope, I spent 9 hours carving that sucker, but worth it in the end – wouldn’t you say?


  6. Hugh

    Thats gotta be the best Halloween pumpkin ever


    Hugh Reply:

    @Hugh, I mean the thriller one


  7. Ice

    The winner looks like a gorilla, not MJ. I like the Snoop Dogg one.


  8. jarvis

    The kanye West one (2nd one) is the best one… this looks hard..i wanna see a video on how they do that!


  9. Ann

    I like the Lil Wayne one. That artist did NOT capture Nicki Blackenstein. I guess she’s the hottest thing out now so Rap-up wanted to rep her, but that’s NOT Nicki Blackenstein.


  10. Soloman

    Love ‘em all! Great job!


  11. Genevieve

    The Michael Jackson one is obviously photo-shopped. It doesn’t look real.


  12. RDK

    i see nicki all looks good though ya thats the thriller mj up there.


  13. Stre3t Danc@

    When did everyone become so good at carving pumpkins, tho? o____O


  14. Charles

    How many years is a Michael Jackson carving going to win first.Only his early music could be linked to hip hop.Everything else is clearly just some poorly produced bad pop music.Michael jackson is dead.Lets move on people!


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