Beyoncé Buzzes Through Kanye West’s Halloween Party


Beyoncé was all the buzz in her Halloween costume. Queen Bee dressed as a bumble bee while attending a gypsy-themed Halloween party hosted by Kanye West and supermodel Anja Rubik at The Darby restaurant in New York City last night. The mom-to-be was cute as can be, donning antennae, a striped yellow-and-black fuzzy outfit, and matching heels, while enjoying belly dancers and tarot card readings.

On November 21, fans can get up close and personal with the pop megastar when she releases Live at Roseland, a 26-song live DVD filmed at her intimate Roseland Ballroom shows over the summer. A two-disc deluxe DVD Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4 will follow on November 29 featuring the complete concert, bonus offstage footage, a 20-page booklet, and a video anthology that includes seven videos from her latest album 4.

Beyoncé Beyoncé

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  1. Music Lover

    Aww shes freaking adorable. Queen Bey


  2. Derèon

    I love you girl


  3. H-Town

    Wanna bumble wit the Bee huh? BZZZZZ lol


    :o Reply:

    @H-Town, lol


  4. Teenay

    Heeeeeeeeeeeey, What Up Doe?


  5. vladica07

    Aww,she is such a cutie :)


  6. @IamMrHAndsome

    HashTag LoveIt
    Let The Hating Begin


  7. kat

    so cute ^_^


  8. hating is for suckas and getting money is for winners

    yes thats my beybey watch the throne is coming nnextweek in newyork and i will be there


  9. Swaggakidd

    How freaking adorable Beyonce is she looks so super adorable.. I love you Beyonce !!


  10. really

    Well, think I can finally agree with most….. She is not pregnant. As much as we know this chick can eat, she hasn’t gained any weight yet she is suppose to be six months pregnant. I was sick like a dog the first 5 monnths and still gained a few pounds. There


    Vera Reply:

    @really, everyone’s pregnancy is different…stop comparing yours to hers.


    boemhard Reply:

    @really, she’s been sick during the Glastonbury festival.
    And she didnt gain that much weight becaus she’s been working and dancing, you probably didn’t.. but her boobs has got bigger:P


    Oh Reply:

    @really, You were sick because you were a lazy fat bitch spending your days in Rap-Up’s comment section. Sit.


    x Reply:

    @Oh, lol


    Tamar Reply:

    @Oh, lmfaooooooo


  11. Niknak123

    Very lazy costume. Must try harder!


    SillyPeopleCommenting Reply:

    @Niknak123, What do you want a pregnant chick to wear, damn?!


  12. Stre3t Danc@

    awww so adorable! ^__^


  13. Triniti

    Awwww…she’s adorable!


  14. chris

    @REALLY!!!! wellll Hmmm??? maybee coz ur a lazy fattt ass thats why and *QUEEN BEE* simply isnt yu dumb dick shit ugh!!!!


  15. amelia

    @really sit your hating ass down she was sick with morning sickness from may thru august her mother told intouchweekly magazine when they interviewed her about becoming a grandma for the 2nd time round.tina is so happy she said they know the sex of the baby..but i hope its a boy while most people are saying its a girl but either way i want her to have a healthy baby im so happy and proud of beyonce


  16. Me

    She dressed up as herself, Queen B !!!





    some1 Reply:

    aka you! ^ :D
    its not nice 2 talk about urself like that
    u must realy feel ashamed of urself lol :P


  18. Natalia

    Osa ;DD Queen B!


  19. Gee ol´Dee

    I love you…….


  20. James

    she is incredibly too cute



    She looks great, but I don’t like the poses.
    Still Bey is owning!


  22. queenb

    Lovely woman!


  23. ThankMeLater



  24. Audrey Hepburn

    No need for an extra costume. She has already dressed up as a pregnant woman for the past several months.

    … And if she really wanted to wear a Halloween costume, she should have put on one of those Dereon numbers…


    OOL Uh Uh Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, LMFAO! #shadytruth


    sweet_dreams Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, stfu!


  25. pia

    she looks so cute





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  28. Simone

    she aint preggers yall! lier!!!!


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