Video: Trey Songz – ‘Top of the World’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz goes back to his roots in the heartwarming video for “Top of the World,” the uplifting single that appears on his new mixtape Anticipation II and forthcoming EP Inevitable, due November 28.

Trigga gives back to his hometown of Petersburg, Virginia, treating the residents to a meal on the football field and providing haircuts to the kids. He also enjoys some of the simple pleasures like playing basketball and shooting dice with his family. The montage closes with an inspirational quote from Trey aka Tremaine Neverson:

“They say never forget where you came from. I won’t because it made me the man I am today.”

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  1. ayot

    first time in a while trey aint talking bout sex and its really a good video and song


  2. aaa

    I never liked Trey. Never, but this song is cute.


  3. greta

    this one rocks :)


  4. pia

    It’s nice he went back and gave back.


  5. Kayla

    I love this video! It’s nice to see Trey giving back to where he came from.



    trey songz copies r kelly 2 much


  7. Billionaire

    Thing is he sounds the same on all his songs! It’s like there’s no variation with his voice! Nonetheless the song is ok!


  8. trey ♥

    i love trey he’s the best. fuck haters


  9. Mr Nice Watch

    LADY GAGA SPEAKS…get your ears and since you love gaga get your head checked too


  10. David

    WOW I really liked that!


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