New Music: Amy Winehouse f/ Nas – ‘Like Smoke’

Amy Winehouse and Nas

Nas duets with his late friend Amy Winehouse on the Salaam Remi-produced “Like Smoke.” The two struck up a friendship after Amy name checked Nas on Back to Black‘s “Me & Mr Jones.”

“You know how me and Amy are, straight players,” raps the Queens MC on the retro-soul number, which was recorded in May 2008.

Their collaboration can be found on the soulstress’ posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, due December 5.

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  1. JMS



  2. Winston Churchill

    they smashed


  3. Coleworld

    I love this sh*t! She was so talented…


  4. AMY

    Amazing! I like how they infused Jazz, R&B and Hip hop together.

    R.I.P Amy :(


  5. Speechless

    I dont like how it ends I wish it was longer


    MaZ Reply:


    I feel you. This song is like Amy’s life, we wish it last longer.


  6. DRB

    Amazing. Wish she had put this out 3 years ago and more than anything, was still here. Regardless of if she was doing poorly or having setbacks, I never gave up hope for the third album. Its ashame she couldn’t complete this stuff.


  7. Jay



  8. DRB

    I never wanted you
    To be my man
    I just need your company
    Don’t wanna get dependent on
    Your time or who you spend it on
    But you lose it when you love the man

    Like smoke I hang around
    In the balance


    Jess Reply:

    @DRB, those lyrics…my God she was an amazing songwriter and vocalist.


  9. HipHop101

    I fuckin miss her!! Man…

    Nice track.


  10. Love2fiend

    Mr. Destiny, nine and fourteen, nobody stands in between me and my man. Cause it’s me and Mr. Jones.

    Two of the greatest!!

    No more candy for you….


  11. MaZ

    Wow! Amy, Nas and Salaam did a great job!

    Gone so early,miss her very much.


  12. Hugh

    Cool collab!


  13. mus

    One of the most unique voices, R.I.P @itsnamdee_Yo


  14. Triniti

    Love this song! RIP Amy Winehouse……

    Another massive talent we’ve lost. SMH


  15. maria

    A unique voice.. that has been lost. We miss you amy! R.I.P<33333


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  17. Ace

    Calm down everybody. It’s a good song but it’s not the best thing i’ve heard in the last 6 months, talkless, last year. Don’t get carried away with the fact that she’s dead n all. It’s a good song. Just leave it at that.

    Love Music, Live Life


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