New Music: Common – ‘Sweet’


Common hits the “Sweet” spot on a new track off his upcoming album The Dreamer, The Believer, arriving before Christmas. The Chi-town MC displays a rare moment of cockiness while rhyming over the straight hip-hop record. “How can I say this?/ Fuck it, I’m the greatest/ I am the A-list for all these great debaters,” he boasts. A video for the song was recently shot in Haiti.

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  1. Humz

    Love it… I’m sure an uncensored version would sound much better though!


  2. Jimmy

    Why Do I Get the Feeling he is Dissing Drake.. or at the Very Least Throwing Subliminals… Could Be Me Reaching Thoe.. Either Way Its a Really Really Good Song. Common is Spazzing… 3/3 so Far… the Dreamer; the Believer


    bknyhustle Reply:


    cosign shots been fired at Aubrey, but yeah… “it’s a frustrating time for a lot of people right now”


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  4. don.d

    Grown man rap I repeat Grown man rap!


  5. Nguyen-Luan

    Common is an Emcee in all aspects: battle, Freestyle, and lyricism.


  6. smh

    *B-List rappers it up*

    *Has album coming out soon*

    *Make generic but oddly current shots @ famous rappers*

    *Watches the internet catch on fire*

    *10K first week sales*


    Baller Reply:

    @smh, damn u ignorant. common is one of the best to do it.


    Hugh Reply:

    @smh, 10k first week. I would eat my hat!
    Atleast 60 maybe 100. Depending on the upcoming promo


  7. Hugh



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