Rihanna Picks Out Album Covers for ‘Talk That Talk’ [Video]

Talk That Talk

You’ve seen the two covers. Now Rihanna shows us how she decided on the artwork for her sixth album Talk That Talk, in stores November 21. With photos of the standard and deluxe editions laid out before her, RiRi and her team discuss why they like each photo, cracking jokes in the process.

Did she make the right decision? Eavesdrop on their candid conversation.

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  1. Alejandro

    LOL Rihanna seems like the coolest chick to hang around!


  2. Neon

    It’s interesting RiRi knows that the standard album cover isn’t flattering!


  3. Attention....

    Oh no.. she dont know that Beyonces ”4” Cover is the same.. i love them bouth but Bee a lil bit more because her live perfomances and voice are a lil better but … you know R&B ( Rihanna & Beyoncé ) I like the Track _”Skin”+”S&M” and from bey i like ”Party” and ”Countdown”


    Jay Reply:

    @Attention…., Yeah she looks like Beyonce in Run The World on the standards.


  4. RuleThatRule

    i love Keri Hilson and Katy Perry , Rihanna fuckin bored me… but we will see


  5. pia

    Seems like she did this video because people keep saying that she has no input in anything. But it look fake, planned, even her tryin to be a ganster girl is fake. But anyway the photo to me is??? but it’s her choice.


  6. Ice

    She seems cool, but she also seems like she can be arrogant at times. I like the cover though, it’s raw and gritty.


  7. Will

    The picture with her mouth open is saying “i dont care u can jizz in my mouth” its pretty clear lol.


  8. Dion

    I swear she just be coming out with all kinds of albums. What is this, like her 6th one? She just making songs to get money. Shoo <3 Beyonce only has 4, and people love all her song( well most of them). DONT GET ME WRONG, i absolutley <3 LOVE <3 some of her songs, but it just seems she is just coming out albums just to do it! Sit Down! Still love her though. she go!


    Oonthada Reply:

    @Dion, OMG Thats the same shit I be saying!!!! Like she dont wait til she has something to say ARTISTICALLY, as long as she climbing the charts she finna milk these albums lol I like her songs too but take a breakgirl DAMN!


    Triniti Reply:

    @Dion, Co-sign!


  9. Billionaire

    Made a wise decision! The one with says you have something to basically more appealing to the eye than the other one. However, the other is cute though but it puts my interest only stops at the cover with the one with smoke it doesn’t really invites me not like the tongue which i’m very eager to buy!


    Billionaire Reply:

    @Billionaire, I meant to say the one with the tongue is more interesting, carries my interest beyond the cover! Brain moving faster than my fingers!


  10. Jfenty

    I hope she picks the 2nd one!!


  11. ms.tinkee wonka

    Rihanna is the sweetest person…. She was kind enough to sign autographs for me and fans on her personal time…she had no security and was shopping with childhood friends. They were having a lovely time….p.s the girl is prettier in person.


  12. Keith

    To tell the truth both of the album covers look sexy…..but I like the deluxe cover a bit more!


  13. donliyar



  14. Brionna

    her accent is cray but i love it… plz dont respond telling me the meaning of Kray



    this wack ass bitch


    ThankMeLater Reply:



  16. bigtymer

    the black & white picture is the best one…


  17. Hugh

    She is so cool

    Love her accent!


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