Bridget Kelly Gets Intimate at S.O.B.’s [Video]

Bridget Kelly

After performing her first show with Jay-Z at the famed Madison Square Garden, Bridget Kelly took the stage by herself at a more intimate setting at S.O.B.’s. in her hometown of New York City.

“I feel like I’ve come full circle a little bit,” said the Roc Nation signee. “So to kind of restart my own movement with my own music and be at home with it, really feels satisfying.”

Watch her perform her Dream-penned single “Seek & Destroy” off her recently released EP Every Girl.

[Life + Times]

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  1. LaMont

    I’m really feeling her.She curses a lot tho!


    tell'em Reply:

    @LaMont, she only curses on this song and its written by The-dream.


  2. ronni

    she’s really pretty and talented.its good to see shes getting some shine


  3. listen

    has talent. have been following for a while. the howard performance of this song was much better. vocals are a little pitchy at times, but she’s just beginning as far as being a solo artist, so hopefully that will get better with time. i think it’s kinda funny that the lyrics in one of the songs she did before she got signed (“stuck”) seems to be exactly the opposite of what roc nation is doing with her….i wish her the best.


  4. kaane

    why does she think she needs to curse to sell records?Be a lady for goodness sake..


  5. Dante

    If you listen every other song on her EP, you would know she doesn’t curse ALL the time. But this song was an agressive song, and live, this is gonna be a ladies anthem no doubt.

    The radio version is “You better not mess this up, or imma F you up.” But she’s doing something DIFFERENT, not being afraid to say what people REALLY think (yall know yall cuss too) which I can definitely appreciate.


  6. sabrina

    I like her a lot.


  7. Lingerie cougar

    Lingerie cougar…

    [...] || Bridget Kelly Gets Intimate at S.O.B.’s [Video][...]…

  8. Harshit

    She looks good. the song is hlroibre. the video is boring and I coulda sworn she can dance better than this. the choreography was hlroibre. i feel bad for her. I really thought she was going to start to take off on her own. smh


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